10+ things you need to know about Apple iPad Pro

Hi there! iPad Pro was an awesome innovation by Apple. iPad Pro was officially launched on September 9 that is yesterday. It has quite advanced features, and multi-tasking features, there were many things yet to know about iPad Pro. Here I’m giving the best features which I observed in iPad Pro.

iPad Pro is the Beautiful Glassy device ever made by Apple developers. Here are the 10+ things you need to know about iPad Pro.

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  1. iPad Pro is the largest device ever made by Apple iPad Developers. iPad Pro is having 12.9-inch huge display
  2. Width of iPad Pro is equal to the total length of the iPad Air 2 that is about 9.7-inch width
  3. The display resolution of iPad Pro is 2732 x 2048
  4. The processor used in iPad Pro is A9X 3rd Generation 64-bit. Which has 2X faster Bandwidth than A8X processor, 2X faster storage, and 22% faster CPU & GPU
  5. iPad Pro is 80% Faster and Advanced than Portable PC’s of this Generation in the world
  6. Apple Developers focused on the battery life of iPad Pro to give the best experience of Apple Product for long time. iPad Pro gives long lasting 10 hours battery. which makes you to have best experience for longer time
  7. iPad Pro has came up with wide audio range. iPad Pro has built in with 4 Audio speakers at the four corners. It makes to spread loud audio for Longer distance
  8. iPad Pro has 3 smart sensor embedded knobs, which makes to connect smart keyboard easily with iPad Pro.
  9. iPad Pro smartly supports Apple Pencil to write, draw, edit, cut things on a tab to another tab. It’s a known fact that switching between tabs made easy in iPad Pro.
  10. iPad Pro has support to MS office tools such as word, excel, and Powerpoint. you can switch and use Word, Excel simultaneously on a single window with two tabs. It enables you to copy, paste data from one document to the other.
  11. In iPad Pro, Shape Recognition feature is available that makes you ruff shaped diagram to perfect shaped diagram. For example if you draw a circle with Apple pencil on iPad Pro that looks curvy and distracted, with Shape Recognition that curvy distracted circle gets shaped into perfect circle
  12. iPad Pro has built in with Three Adobe apps, which enables you to create a PDF document, edit s PDF document. In the Apple Event, they even described how to make a blank page to beautiful design using built-in Adobe and the other App named Adobe Photoshop Which is also from a Adobe family.
  13. To Undo and Redo the changes on Adobe design tools you have to use three fingers. To Undo drag your Three fingers towards the Left and To Redo drag your Three fingers towards the right.
  14. iPad Pro is having special 3D display facility to display injuries happened to the patient. Developers said with this 3D display, Doctors can clear the confusions about injury, which helps to maintain good understandings between Doctor and the patient

There were quite amazing features in iPad Pro which can’t be expressed in words 😉 buy it know more about it.

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