17 best Google Apps on Google’s 17 th birthday

Hola..! Its Google Birthday today. Unknowingly This a very special day to everyone, because Google became part in our lives. We use google in every aspect, so we are thankful to his valuable services for all kinds of human beings. Google helps in Learning, Earning, and many more

Here i’m the best 17 products of Google on its 17th birthday which helped me a lot in many aspects

1. Web Search:

In thousand of available search engines, Google is ever green and the best Search Engine in the world. It has everything that everyone expects to know. It is very accurate, exact and User Friendly. Search Billions of Web Pages with Google Search Engine

2. Google Chrome:

Worlds best and most used Web Browser. Its such a great development by Sunder Pichai the present CEO of Google. Google Chrome is such a cool web browser i have ever seen in my life. Google Chrome is a browser built for speed, simplicity and Security.

3. Toolbar :

Best way to carry google search engine in every web page. No need to go for another tab to search for unknown thing. Toolbar helps to search the unknown things on any web browser or page.

4. Adwords:

Google Adwords are the amazing innvoation by google engineers to help business people to grow their businesses. It helps to bring customers from search engine, in such way google helps various business people to get profits in their business. It helps to attract more customers. Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

5. Gmail :

Google has made large number apps for work. Google apps are widely used in every work. To send e-mails. Gmail’s spam protection, powerful search, and integrated calendars help you get more done. Enhanced business features include 99.9% guaranteed uptime, no ads, and 30GB of storage.

6. Store and share in the cloud

Save work files in Google Drive, access them from any device, and share them instantly with teammates. No more sending attachments or merging different versions.

7. Hangouts:

Meet face to face with hangouts. Hold HD video meetings through Hangouts with up to 15 people on your laptop, tablet, or phone. You can share your screen, give presentations, and chat as you work. Useful for webinars

8. Google Adsense :

AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website.

9. Google AdMob

AdMob brings together best-in-class technology in a single platform, so you can gain insights about your users, drive more in-app purchases, and maximize your ad revenue. No longer will you have to rely on a combination of tools or use precious development resources to build your own solution

10. YouTube:

Worlds largest video platform. You can watch every kind of video in Youtube. Now a days its a master, professor, a guide to learn, a platform to get entertainment, a place to explore the talent, knowledge visually with the universal users.

11. Picasa:

Picasa is an photo editor created and developed by Google. It has come up with Advanced Photo editing features a long ago. It hasn’t got any update since a long time still it is used by millions of users from all the corners of the world.

12. Google News:

One of the best Google Platform to grab latest news, breaking news. It is very quick, accurate and user friendly, and the most pretty thing about Google News is it has all kinds of News at a single place. Google News has made every category of Breaking News to reach everyone quickly

13. Google Maps:

Google Maps helpful to get directions from one place to another place. It works on GPS.

14. Blogger:

Share your life online with a blog – it’s quick, easy and free.

15. Play Store:

Play store is an Perfect Google Store to get and Purchase required Apps for every Android User. It has large number of Apps for every kind of Android User


16. Google +

Real-life sharing, rethought for the web made By Google. Its Kind of a Social Networking, not as Famous as Facebook but still has large number of users. you can share your feelings, pictures and location others by making circles with friends, family, co-workers etc.. You can also join communities to reach like minded people

17. Google Books:

Search the full text of books. You can find free books, e-books to your interest. It is very helpful to develop knowledge


Its All my private Opinions, I feel all these 17 besei used in My life.

Let me know your Favourite Google Product in Below Comments 😉

Happy Birthday GOOGLE !


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