5 Best Free Traffic Sources for Adult Tube Sites

5 Best Free Traffic Sources for Adult Tube Sites:

Creating your own adult tube site requires patience, creativity, grit and a whole lot of technology. While adult tube scripts can make your job easier, there’s still a lot to be done, and that’s a fact. Once the site is set up, however, it’s not the end of the line, it’s just the beginning. The key to success for an adult tube site, and, in fact, any website at all is traffic. Traffic generation can either be the most difficult thing to achieve, or the easiest, depending on your approach. Contrary to popular belief, generating traffic doesn’t need to be paid for, so if you have a great strategy, you don’t need to spend a penny. We’re going to detail the 5 best free traffic sources for adult tube sites, so you can create a huge brand out of your website in no time, and without paying!

Before you get into the actual sources, you need to understand the types of traffic. They are:

  • Direct Traffic: As the name suggests, traffic that goes directly to your domain from the URL.
  • Organic Traffic: Traffic from search engines and ads within them.
  • Social Traffic: Traffic from social networks, both free and paid.
  • Referral Traffic: Traffic from other websites via ads or links, can be free or paid.

Now that we have that covered, let’s explore the actual sources:

Social Media

Without a shade of doubt, social media is the best source for free traffic. This applies not only for adult website business; you can also get a whole load of traffic for every other type of site. The best part about social media is its ability to turn anything viral. If the content catches on, even without your intervention it can become huge (pun intended). A good viral post can bring in traffic in the thousands, and literally all you need to do is post one picture.

While most major social networks like Facebook and Instagram don’t allow nudity, what you can do is build relevant content and link to other social network profiles that allow more adult content. For Twitter, you have to make sure to mark the content ‘sensitive’, or risk a ban. The best networks to promote adult content is Tumblr and Reddit. None of them have any qualms with adult content as long as it’s marked appropriately. Set up social network pages and profiles, link them together, regularly post content and hashtag everything properly, you’re bound to get a lot of hits.

Search Engines

If you really want to make it big, there’s nothing like organic traffic from search engines. While there are paid ways to get traffic, such as from AdWords or SEO, you can still generate a fair bit of traffic by following certain guidelines. Google, the world’s biggest search engine, ranks pages according to a couple of factors and looks for unique titles, keyword usage, quality content and the like. If you make sure that you’re delivering all of those and are actually unique, your website will appear in search engines eventually. Here are a few things you need to do to be search engine friendly:

  1. Use appropriate meta titles, descriptions, page titles.
  2. Write quality content with a decent word count.
  3. Look for backlinks from quality websites in your field.
  4. Ensure the site loads quickly on all platforms.


Linking to your other websites or blogs in the adult entertainment field will help you generate additional traffic for all pages involved. If you have a unique value proposition for each website, you can position them as separate destinations and score traffic without much effort. Just link relevant content together, and proper social media connections should do the trick.

Link Directories and Lists

One of the oldest yet most effective ways to generate traffic for free is to submit your websites to link directories. All you need to do is chart out the good sites with a decent amount of traffic, and your submissions could bring in traffic without much effort. It’s a great way to generate traffic and backlinks, and you can submit to multiple directories to get more traffic.

Traffic Trades

Traffic trades are exactly what they sound like. You use a free script or service, like PlugRush or Linkspun, to link to other sites, who would link back to you. It’s a simple matching sort of arrangement where both of you generate traffic for each other for free. This way, customers looking for a certain niche can be redirected to a partner site if the origin site doesn’t have the content. You can find thousands of such websites for traffic trading.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to drive traffic to your new adult tube website, for free! If you’re looking to create a new adult tube site, try out xStreamer, Adent’s powerful adult tube script, or xStreamer Lite, the free version of the proprietary software.

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