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5 Best Ways to Learn Programming Online: To become Hardcore Programmer, is a dream of many guys including me, but it’s not that easy to become the best programmer. After Spending lot of time in research and learning programming languages online, I am here with 5 Best Ways to learn Programming languages online. Here I will guide you How to Learn Programming languages Online in a efficient way. To learn programming language online, first of all, you need guidance and resources. I will provide both Guidance and Resources so that you can learn programming online very easily and quickly. I will explain each and everything in detail, read carefully and if you have any queries feel free to comment below, I am always ready to help you. It’s not much difficult to learn programming online, all you need is some time and patient to learn. Let’s start!

5 Best Ways to Learn Programming Online

What makes a person Best Programmer? A person called Programmer or Best programmer when he can write a code in a way which is easy to understand and solves all problems. The programmer should write a program in a way that every programmer on this universe should understand. To become programmer one must have Creative thinking, ability to think out of the box. All comes through practice and experiences. Let me share some of my experiences which I experienced while learning  programming online. I’ll try to explain things in a detail manner if you don’t understand anything or if you have query kindly do comment below. I’ll get back to you soon to solve your queries.

5 Best Ways to Learn Programming Online

Below are few ways which you need to follow to learn programming online. Read Carefully, I’m sure you’ll will learn so many new things, and also know where you are failing and what steps you need follow to become successful programmer.

  1. Why do you want to Learn Programming?
  2. Choose your Desired Programming Language to learn
  3. Start Learning Basics of Programming Language
  4. Follow Programming related Online Portals and Get Some online courses
  5. Practice in a Smart Way

I think the above-mentioned points makes sense. Let me be more specific so that you’ll understand everything clearly before start learning programming.

1. Why Do You Want To Learn Programming?

Question yourself! Why Do You Want To Learn Programming? Are you passionate towards learning programming, or you just want to learn for the sake of Knowledge? Some people want to get promotions in their professions, for that they need programming skills. So are you under their category?

Some people are very interested in coding since they want to develop something from scratch. They are very much interested in developing something. Do you want to develop something? Cheers!

First of all, try to Analyze why do you want to learn programming. When you have an answer for it, you’ll never ever give up. Let me be frank. It’s not that much easy to learn programming. You need to spend a lot of time, you need to read different kinds of books and you have to practice more and more. When you a perfect reason to learn programming then you’ll focus on learning and you won’t give up easily. Isn’t it?

The most important thing that every Programming learner must have is PATIENCE. When you are learning you will get hell lot of errors, while developing something you’ll face bugs. You need the patience to understand them and rectify them. When you don’t have patience, you’ll give up quickly and you’ll never focus on it.

So Ask this question twice, thrice or a number of times to yourself before beginning. If you have Answer for this question then you are good to go!

If you simply start trying to learn programming online you’ll give up very quickly.

2. Choose your desired Programming language to learn

It’s a Major thing that every beginner must aware of . Many people enthusiastically choose different programming languages with the lack of knowledge and fail in learning. So, first of all, I recommend them to choose a basic, beginner level programming language.

I recommend people to go with C Programming language. C Programming language has so many applications and very easy to learn. Some other programming languages have C language as basics. So it’s better to start learning C Programming language later Advanced programming languages.

Many people do a mistake of choosing Complex programming languages as their basic programming languages, and when they realize that their choice of programming language is difficult, they give up easily. So I Recommend you to kick start with an easy programming language which makes your basics in programming strong.

If you have good command in Basics of Programming, it becomes easier to learn Advanced programming. 

So put yourself dedicated towards a specific programming language and put full focus on Basics of that programming language.

3. Start Learning Basics of Programming Language

This is what I Said Above. Make yourself a master in Basics of programming language. If you have strong basics you can learn quickly, in fact, you can rule it.

My simple advice to learn Basics of Any Programming language is Start Researching about your desired programming language.

Start Researching about the programming language in a way that you must aware of each and every small thing.

Some important points to consider while learning basics of programming languages.

  • Whether the chosen programming language executes by default or with simple commands in any operating system or we need any supporting software from backend to Run and Execute the program. For Example for JAVA programming language we use Java Runtime Environment, in short JRE. 
  • In case, if you need a Software in the backend to Run and Execute a program, then do complete research regarding the software. Like versions, recent updates, new features after upgrading in the software.
  • As the technology improved to a great extent many of the programming languages have their own IDE’s. IDE means Integrated Development Environment, where we can Integrate Program codes to develop something new. Either it maybe a game or software or anything else. Make sure you do research about IDE as well. Even in IDE’s also understand the difference between Old version and Latest version and where the modifications are made. In such a way you can learn more creatively and effectively.

The above some points to be learned while learning basics of any programming language.

The major advantage of learning Basics perfectly is you don’t need to put extreme efforts while learning Advanced things in programming.

What happens is, in Advanced level of programming you need to think of different Logics, Robustness of a Program. In that case, you should not waste time in understanding the basics of that programming language. So I am saying, again and again, learn Basics of Programming language carefully. They make the majority of your work easier. Follow Programming related Online Portals and Get Some online courses

4. Follow Programming related Books, Online Portals and Get Some online courses

It is also one of the important steps to follow in order to acquire complete programming skills.

Read as much as you can. Every programming language gets a specific update each year, and there might be so many hidden you never know or never faced while learning. So spend time in reading Programming related books, learning new things from Online portals and getting some online courses would help you greatly.

When you start reading books / e-books related to a specific programming language you will gain great knowledge on that programming language. As a result, you’ll have great command over that programming language. It’s a good step for becoming a Professional Programmer.

Online courses work as mentors which make you understand things clearly and practically. Even after reading for hours and hours, sometimes, somewhere we feel lost. We may make mistakes in learning. All these mistakes get corrected if and only if we have a mentor. If you don’t have a programming partner or guide available in your city then get a mentor through online courses. They will clear so many misconceptions and teach their experiences which makes you have more command in that programming language.


At this point you’ll have a better idea regarding Specific Programming language. Right?  Now it’s time to do bit practice so that you can kick start coding by your own.

5. Practice in a Smart Way

To become expert in  Programming, to become professional programmer you have to practice more and more. Let me remember you the quote.

” Practice Makes A Man Perfect ” 

so practice more and more. Let me tell you some good ways to practice programming languages.

Many of us, in schooling used to learn something by re-calling it for number of times, but this ain’t work in case of programming. My suggestion is, first take a program of beginner level and then analyze it, try to implement program in your own style. Try to write same logics in your own way without revising.

When you try to implement things as it is without copying then you’ll get errors. Well it’s good get errors in the beginning. When you make errors you’ll understand where exactly you are doing mistake and what exactly you need to do so that you won’t get errors in Advanced level programming.

Practice in many ways. Try to solve your real life problems with programming language, this makes you efficient programmer.


Hope the above mentioned 5 Best Ways to Learn Programming Online helps you to learn programming effectively.

All the very best! Feel free to ask for Any Queries.


If you find any mistake or if you have any suggestion do let us know in below comments.
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