5 outstanding AdSense alternatives for Beginners and Professionals

Being a blogger, It Hurts if we won’t get revenue for the efforts we made. There were so many ways available to make money with a Website. Among those Thousands of ways, Google Adsense is the best. It’s easy to get, user-friendly and pays well at regular intervals. But for newbie bloggers it is a too difficult task to make money from google Adsense. Because of its threshold limit. So I decided to give best Alternatives to Google Adsense, which can help new bloggers to get some bucks.

Here is the List of Alternatives to the Google Adsense, which can Give more earnings than Google Adsense in a less time.


Qadaraba is the best Alternative to Google Adsense. It’s gets easily approved for every website, even they approve the website which are having Sub-domains, or parked domains.

Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform that offers performance-based advertising. It requires very less time that is not more than 15 seconds to start showing ads on your site with Qadabra. It offers banner ads including slider ads. You don’t need to have very much or High-Quality content to get approved for Qadaraba


  • Approves very Easily
  • Simple to Monetize
  • Accepts even sub-domains and website hosted on free hosting servers.
  • The Mind blowing advantage is its Payout Threshold. It is very less i.e., $1
  • Publishers can place multiple banners on the same page, enabling publishers to earn higher CPM rate per page.

2. VigLink

VigLink identifies commercial products mentioned within content and links them to destinations determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks.

VigLink provides you with three major key-technologies:

  • VigLink Convert– My personal favorite! This takes a simple link, for example to Flipkart or Amazon and then VigLink automatically converts them, for you into a link that earns you revenue.
  • VigLink Insert- This takes phrases in your text and converts them into affiliate links. ( Another good feature)
  • VigLink Anywhere- This is for sharing links via Twitter, Facebook, email, or virtually anywhere else.

3. Chitika

Our next Google AdSense alternative is Chitika. It is an awesome tool from which you can monetize your low traffic. Its easy to optimize and establish Ad-Network! Its main fetaures lies in the three types of Ads it provides you with!

  • Search TargetedAds
  • Local Ads and
  • Mobile Ads.

A bit of drawback of the same is that the Pay Per click rates it provides aren’t as good as AdSense

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4. Infolinks

Infolinks now a day is getting pretty famous in and around the bloggers. As an alternative to AdSense, it is one of my personal favourites! Infolinks pays you either by bank wire, Automated Clearing House (ACH) ($400 minimum) or by PayPal($50 minimum).

Infolinks’ features:

  • Quick and easy setup, very easy monetization!
  • Ads are tightly integrated with your content – no additional space required.
  • Free sign up with no commitments or risk
  • Highly relevant In-Text ads.

5. Media.net

Media.net is truly one of the best alternatives present around  for Adsense. It is a contextual ad network, a powerful Ad-Network which is powered by Yahoo and Bing.

Main features of Media.Net are:

  • The publisher can earn money from advertising revenue pretty easily from it!
  • Customized ad units are provided by Media.Net that fits your site look.
  • Easy and Simple Ad Display for the mobile phone and tablet users.

A thing which you should look for is that currently Media.Net is not opened for public sign up. But you can request for an invitation.


All the above are the best 5 Adsense Alternatives. If you use any of the above five Adsense alternatives, you will get good earnings in a less time. All you need to do is find the best Adsense Alternatives which matches your niche, apply for it wait until it gets approved. After that optimise your ads smartly and accordingly to your requirements. Maintain qualitative content. That’s it money making made simple with Blogging.

Happy Blogging 😉

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  • i think adsence is best in my knowledge but i'm also using infolinks i pasted Infolinks code in home page before body tag but it shows ads in only.

    what is solution for this please any one replay me.....

    • how you use infolinks ? are you on WordPress? if you are on WordPress then everything smartly done with infolinks plugin.

      • No its not wordpress its complete PHP website when i past infolinks code in home page its display only in home page in other pages ads did not display....

        you can check my website @www.apnewscorner.com i did not understand why ad not displaying..

        • yes i have checked your website. By the way I'm not into PHP, so I have no idea about your problem,even though I will try to solve your issue. stay connected :)

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