Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017

Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017: Google Adsense one of the best Ad Network familiar to all Bloggers and used by most of the bloggers to monetize their blogs/websites.  Earlier it was quite easier to get Google Adsense Approval, but in present days it became quite difficult. In the past year, I acquired a lot of Adsense account. See How to Get AdSense Approved within 3 days. But today became impossible for many! But to be frank, it’s not at All difficult yet. You can still get as many Adsense accounts as you want with this ADSENSE APPROVAL GUIDE. Let’s get started!

Before getting started, let me clear one thing! This Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017 purely based on my experience. I will share each and every step I followed to get Google Adsense Approval, and I will also share how I am securing my Adsense Account from getting banned! For convenience, I have titled it as Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017!

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Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017

Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017

From the past three months, I personally faced a lot of problems in getting Adsense Approval! I am doing everything perfectly, and i am following everything perfectly. Still, my Adsense accounts are not getting Fully Approved. I tried every technique which I used in the past to get Adsense Account, but I failed. Almost 11 times I failed in getting Adsense Approval in between September 2016 – December 2016. Sadly my Old Adsense accounts getting banned! Adsense is my main Monetization method. I don’t use other Ad Network other than Google Adsense. So I have decided to get New Adsense Accounts so that I can monetize my blogs.

I know I was making a small mistake, but I don’t know where I am making that mistake! I have cross checked every little thing I did to Getting Adsense Approval. But failed 11 times. In my 12th Attempt, before applying I have been through Adsense policies thoroughly! I read How to Apply for Google Adsense, and Getting Started with Google Adsense and many similar guides! After that, I applied for Google Adsense! Within 3 days, BOOM! My Adsense Fully Approved! 

I am shocked! But I am happy! Because I achieved what I expected! Let me share how did I do this so that you can also get AdSense accounts approval!

To be frank to say I didn’t do anything new! What I just did is simply followed everything mentioned in Google Adsense Approval policy. Yes, exactly. Google Adsense Approval policy is same as before, but earlier Google is not strict during Adsense account approvals. Now Google following its policies strictly and restricted Adsense Account approvals. This is the reason why many people are not getting their AdSense account FULLY APPROVED even after 3 days after placing Ad code in Head section. 

Here are few steps which I recommend you to follow carefully so that you can get Adsense account approval within 3days.

  • In order to get Google Adsense Approval, every website must comply with Google Adsense policies. Make sure your blog/website comply with all Google Adsense policies.
  • Create Important pages, such as AboutContactPrivacy Policy, and Disclaimer.
  • Make sure you add content of minimum 100 words to each and every page!
  • Write at least 10 articles before applying for Adsense. As you know, write Genuine articles with a minimum of 300 words. I don’t say grammar of the content negotiable, but it doesn’t matter a lot in case of Google Adsense Approval.
  • Before applying for Google Adsense, make sure your blog indexed in Google. Also, make sure that all of your articles and pages indexed in Google.
  • IMPORTANT Your blog must have a minimum traffic. It is recommended to have organic traffic instead of social media traffic/bot traffic. I will be discussing more about this thing later in this post.
  • Apply Adsense on the blogs/ websites which are having Content. It is difficult to get Adsense approved on pure images website/videos based website. If you are already got Adsense approved on Images / Videos website you are lucky.
  • Remember, apply for Adsense only if you are getting some traffic on your site. Else wait until you get some traffic on your blog!

Above mentioned points may sound foolish! But they’re true. After making a lot of testings, i wrote this Adsense Approval  Guide 2017.

Yes, in order to get Adsense Approval in 2017 your blog must have some organic traffic. It’s not a new thing! It’s an old thing, but earlier many new blogs with Zero traffic also got Adsense Approved. By the end of 2016, Google Adsense made its policies strict. Such that, you must have some traffic to get Adsense fully approved on your blog. Else your AdSense will not get fully approved!

How to Prevent Adsense / How to Secure Adsense Account getting Banned:

Well, it is one more big issue faced by most of the bloggers. These days Adsense Bans became quite common. Google without mentioning specific reason banning AdSense accounts. Even if we apply for reconsideration, it’s difficult to get. When a person asked about Success Rate of Adsense Reconsiderations in Google Adsense Publisher Meet, one of the Google employees answered it’s about 3% which means, out of 100 appeals, only 3 banned Adsense accounts are getting considered! Indirectly a lot of Google Adsense Publishers being ruined by shitty algorithms.

Solution to protect Adsense, to prevent AdSense getting banned is to play safe! yes. If we make smart moves, then we can definitely save our AdSense accounts getting banned!

Follow the below given steps to prevent AdSense ban, to keep your Adsense safe

  • Don’t stuff a Web page with ads. Earlier there’s a rule that for a web page 3 banner ads and 3 text ads are allowed. Recently Google lifted this limitation. However, it is recommended to use 3 banner ads and 3 text ads in a web page. I personally recommend you to use fewer ads. I mean, optimize your ads according to content on your web page. If your site has lengthy content, then go with a multiple number of ads. If your site has less content, then use less number of ads. Understand your visitors and place ads accordingly. Do A/B testing to attain decent results.
  • In most of the cases, Adsense banned for Invalid Activity. Invalid activity may be of any kind. Maybe a culprit did click-bombing on our ads, or a frequent visitor is clicking on our ads or any other similar reason. In this case, you can use a Plugin called CLICK-FRAUD MONITOR plugin. Yes, the click-fraud monitor is a smart plugin developed to protect Adsense from Click bombings and unexpected clicks. I personally use this plugin on every of my blog to prevent click-bombings and other unexpected clicks on Ads.
  • Don’t use Adsense on blogs having low traffic. In case if your blog has genuine CTR Above 8% or 10%then there are huge chances of getting Adsense Ban! And also Don’t use Adsense Newly approved AdSense on High traffic blogs or in sites which usually get High CTR like 8% or 10%. However the Source of Traffic is organic, Genuine CTR still Adsense Accounts are getting banned! I have faced these issues! I lost 2 AdSense accounts on small blogs which are having 100-200 Pageviews a day and has CTR Above 6% I Lost 1 Adsense account on High traffic blog which is having 12-15K page views a day with a Genuine CTR Above 12%
  • One more Tip! It is better not checking Adsense reports frequently. I don’t have any proofs to support this point, but I believe it is better not checking AdSense reports frequently. I recommend you to check Adsense report once a day or twice a day not more than that!

I wrote this Adsense Approval Guide – How to Get Adsense Approval 2017, after a complete three months of research and personal experience. Apparently, things may not be same with you! Things worked in the case of me may not work for you! Though if you have any questions, if you need any kind of help in getting Adsense Account Approval, feel free to comment below. I will try my best to help you out with this.

If you find any mistake, if you have any suggestions for us do let us know via Contact form!

If you find this Article Helpful, then kindly share with your friends and help them to get Adsense Approval! Sharing is Caring 🙂

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