10 features of Android Nougat that will drive you crazy

10 features of Android Nougat that will drive you crazy: Android Nougat is a 14th Upgraded version of Android. From the day Android implemented, from that day to today Android OS got 14 major updates, they started with GPS (Global Positioning System) and now implemented Bio Metric (Finger Print) feature in Few devices. Android OS got major updates all time to meet the requirements of the users. Android OS always expected User experience, so this Operating System made back to back upgrades in the past couple of years. The latest Android Version named as Nougat. Based on Audience poll, Google Android selected Nougat as a name for their 14th Update.

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Android Nougat Features

Android Nougat Features

  1. Multi-Tasking: However, the big manufacturers like Samsung and LG have Multi-tasking widget, other smartphone does not have this feature. By Android Nougat, you can get Multi Tasking feature in every smartphone because Google Making it as a native feature of Android OS>. For example, you can watch YouTube Video while updating a Facebook Status. You can Multi-Tasking in the Same window.
  2. Extended Settings in Notification Bar: From Android 5.0 Lollipop, we can see the quick setting in Notification. Before Android 6.0, they are only up to nine setting. Now from Android Nougat you can access many quick setting by Swiping Right on Notification bar itself.
  3. Keyboard Upgrades: In Android N, Google Keyboard is getting some major updates. With which, you can Customize your keyboard in various ways. You can Add or Remove borders between Keys. Even you can add colors to fonts and few others. Android N has a New Emoji’s which are Unicode 9 Certified.
  4. Notification Bar Upgrade: This is one of the biggest upgrade ever Android OS made. With Android N OS, you can reply to messages and chat from Notification bar itself. In an earlier version, we can just see full messages, but from Android N you can reply to conversations and messages from Notification bar itself. I guess we have noticed this feature in iOS itself. Now Android phones also getting that feature.Must Read: Secret Code for Sony Xperia all Series Phones
  5. Improved Battery Life: Doze feature which is initially introduced in Android Marshmallow now getting minor upgrades for Android Nougat, through which you can save battery not only in low power mode but also when the device is locked and when the screen is turned off. Kind of best features to improve battery of smartphones.
  6. Recent Apps: You can quickly access to recently opened apps. Earlier it was one dimensional in term of function, but with Android Nougat it’s functionality being changed. You can open lastly used the app by Double tapping on the recent Apps Button.
  7. File Manager: It is also one of the best upgrades in Android Nougat. As of now, there is no such best File Manager by default. However, we find some best File Managers apps in Google Play Store. Now it’s time to put an end to third party apps. Google is especially manufacturing File Manager App in Android Nougat.
  8. Block Contacts: In Android Nougat, by default you can block one’s contact without taking help of third party apps, which is a great feature we have seen so far. Earlier we used several third party apps to Block Contacts, and now we can directly block contacts through the system.
  9. Shows Emergency Contact details on Lock Screen: Which is a major feature, which a user always has to enable in order to get emergency help. There are few persons, who always suffer from some severe health problems, keeping them in mind Android N came up with this feature. If the user enables this feature, then everyone can see emergency contact details on the lock screen.
  10. Changes in Settings: Android Nougat is making some minor changes in Android Setting. Some options, themes, and other features being added to provide customer satisfaction

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These are ten features of Android Nougat that will drive you crazy. Hope you liked the features of  Android Nougat 7.0. Currently, Android Nougat beta versions are running in few devices, and few devices already launched in the market. We feel we have to wait a couple of months to get complete upgrades on this new operating systems.

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Have you used Android Nougat Phone yet? If yes do let us know your reviews in below comments section.

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