Android Emulator Bluestacks For PC – Bluestacks for Windows XP, XP2, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Bluestacks For PC: Bluestacks is one of the well known and popular Android Emulator used by millions of users across the world. Apparently, Bluestacks software is made especially for Personal Computer users, in order to turn their personal computers, laptops or desktops in order to devices which supports Android Applications. It’s an open fact that Android Applications are made in APK format. In personal computers, we can’t run APK application directly. To run an Application in Windows operating system, that application must be in a .exe format that is an executable file. In the case of Android Application, .exe replaced by Apk.

There are so many alternatives of Bluestacks available out in the market. Among all the available Android Emulators, Bluestacks is the best. you feel lovely to use Bluestacks compared to other Emulators.

Bluestacks For PC – Bluestacks for Windows XP, XP2, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Android Emulator Bluestacks For PC

To run Apk files on personal computers, we need a third party application, and we call it as Android Emulator. There are hundreds of Android Emulators are available in the market. Among all the available Android Emulators, Bluestacks is best and highly Recommended. You can ask me Why? Because of the friendly and robust features of Bluestacks, everyone likes to use Bluestacks instead of using other Android Emulators.

I guess now you are quite excited to install Bluestacks on your personal computer or desktop. Well if you think so, we are happy to help you! Here we will be guiding you on How to Download Bluestacks For PC. Let’s have a look.

Considers these things before going to download Bluestacks on your personal computer. I can say these are prerequisites that everyone must have in order to download Bluestacks for PC. Make sure, Random Access Memory (RAM) of your Personal Computer is more than 2 Gigabytes. Minimum of 1GB of data available in your Hard disk and a better internet connection. When you are ready with all these things, let’s get started to download bluestacks for PC.

Follow the mentioned steps carefully to download and install bluestacks on your personal computer.

  1. Visit
  2. On the page homepage itself, you can see the features and supported apps in bluestacks. On the right corner, you can notice Download Bluestacks button along with the version number and supported operating system.
  3. Simply click on Download Bluestacks button to download bluestacks software for your personal computer.
  4. Wait. Bluestack software is bit high in size. Bluestacks Android Emulator is about 300-400Mb, and the download speed depends on your Internet speed. So have patience until the file gets downloaded.
  5. Bluestacks software will be in a .exe format because this executable file must be executed on your personal computer in order to execute Apk files on your computer. Simply double click on the downloaded file and install bluestacks.
  6. Again be patient. Bluestacks has a lot of minor upgrades to be done during installation. So it may take 10-20 mins during the first installation of your software. So please be patient until App gets perfectly installed!

In this way, you can download bluestacks on your personal computer. It ain’t a big task. It’s very simple to download any software on your personal. All you just need a good internet connection and patience.

Is Bluestacks Free or Paid?

Well, it’s a pretty good question, and the answer is both. Yes, Bluestacks is available in both free version and premium versions.

If your requirement is just to use Android Applications on your personal computers, then you can go with Free version. Which costs you nothing. If your requirements are bit complex. For example, if you want to develop, debug an Android application with the help of bluestacks, then you have to go with Enterprise version. If your requirements bit complex and if you need developers supports, then you have to purchase Custom Version. Have a look at the below image to understand the difference between Free and Paid versions of Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Bluestacks Premium Plans

There are so many sayings that Bluestacks may slow down your personal. But it’s just a Myth. Of course, bluestacks is a big application, and it consumes bit space in Random access memory. If your personal computer has good random access memory, it won’t lag. The recommended RAM size to run Bluestacks smoothly is 4GB. If your personal computer has 4GB of RAM, then Bluestacks performance will be smooth. Even if it is low don’t bother, you may see minor lags while using. Still, they are ignorable.

Bluestacks is highly recommended Android Emulator. There are so many alternatives of Bluestacks, but none of them is as good as bluestacks in appearance and performance.

If you want to run your Android Applications smoothly on your personal computers? Then you are good too with Bluestacks without any second thought. I have been using bluestacks nearly two years, and I am up to date with all the latest updates of Bluestacks. It’s a beautiful journey with Bluestacks software. It made every task as simple than I expected. So I recommend Bluestacks to everyone.

What else you want to know about Bluestacks? If you have any doubts, if you need any help feel free to comment below. We are always ready to help you.

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