PHP Chat Software CometChat Review

CometChat Review

Being a Blogger and Web Developer, I always want to add something new and attractive to my blog in order to impress my audience. There were many ways to impress the audience, among them, enabling the audience to chat together on blog/Website is the best feature. It’s not that much difficult to implement. Today I am here with a Product named CometChat. Which made so many websites/blog Popular and Attractive! Here I am coming with CometChat Review to make your blog/ website Attractive and Impressive!

If a Website has best features, then it surely gives best user experience to every visitor. CometChat helps web developers to add best features for their websites. Hence i thought to review and help fellow web developers. If you are looking for a PHP Chat software to give best user experience for your viewers  then it is highly recommended to go with CometChat.

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What is CometChat?

CometChat is a PHP chat software which enables your site users to chat with each other as well as their Gtalk friends. That’s not all! They can share pictures, collaborate together with writeboards, broadcast videos, play games and a lot more while maintaining their privacy.

CometChat Features Review:

  • CometChat the best chat software for website, which easily gets integrated with any website build on various platforms. Some of the silent features of CometChat are
  • CometChat PHP software comes with Impressive Chat Bar with Instant notifications, Auto-linking and word censoring and Intuitive chat design. You can send texts in a decent place, where everything works smartly. The Chat bar is a smart chat space where impressive emoji’s shared easily with inbuilt emoji’s and other icons.
  • CometChat can run on any web host or server with minimal load
  • With CometChat not only delivers text message but also media files and some other files as well. It’s a Smart chat service to communicate and also to help others by transferring data.
  • One of the coolest features of CometChat is that you can easily share your screen with others without any issues.
  • CometChat easily gets integrated with any other plugin in order to provide audio-video chat and conference feature, multi-player games, real-time translation, etc. to your website users.
  • The CometChat software made in all versions. The Web and mobile version of CometChat are also available. Such that you can CometChat over Mac, Windows, Android and iOS as well.
  • Save Conversation, Clear Conversation features were also available in this PHP  Chat Sofware.
  • There were various Modules available in CometChat such that you can create Chat Rooms for Group chat and even you can play Games.
  • CometChat currently available in total 9 languages. You can also create your language or upload a language to add new languages.

See Complete In-detail features of CometChat Here 


There was so many chat software are available on the market, among all the available chat software, CometChat always comes first, because of its Mind-blowing features at a reasonable price. There were so many user-friendly and much-needed features were greatly made by CometChat developers. So, if you are planning to enable chat service to your website, kindly go with CometChat. Undoubtedly CometChat is the best! That’s is the reason why we have chosen to write CometChat Review.

The pricing of CometChat is as shown below

CometChat – Professional
Price: $129 One time Purchase
Recommended for – Small Sites
Features: Gtalk Friends Chat, Transliterate Plugin, Save Conversation Plugin, Real-time Translation Module, Broadcast Message Module and Many More…

CometChat – Premium
Price: $249 One time purchase
Recommended for – Most Popular Sites
Features: Mobile browser compatible, Advertisements Extension, Whiteboard Plugin, Guaranteed Installation and Many More…

CometChat – Platinum
Price: $499 One time Purchase
Recommended for – Top Line websites
Features: Video Conference Plugin, Screen sharing Plugin, Broadcast Plugin, Audio Chat Plugin

CometChat – Basic
Price: $49

Buy CometChat PHP Chat Software > Buy Now


If you are planning to Add a Chat feature in your PHP website, then CometChat is recommended to go. It’s very user-friendly, it’s light in size with more advanced features. If you are in WordPress then there are so many plugins, but when it comes to PHP there are no greater apps than CometChat. If you really want to have advanced features on your PHP website and to make it user-friendly then you must give a try to CometChat. you’ll love it for sure.

There are so many chat softwares got released in the market. Among all the chat softwares, CometChat stands best. So i have decided to go for Cometchat Review.


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    • CometChat is an exclusive software for websites developed using PHP. My website developed on WordPress Content Management System, not in PHP. Hope you got why I am not using it.
      I work alone on this blog, and I can't spend my time in chatting with users rather I spend my time on replying comments, emails etc.

      • Thanks for your quick answer,
        I asked you this question because they say CometChat can be integrated in any website including WordPress.

        • They might have added WordPress integration in the latest version. Though I don't need chat feature on my blog so I'm not much into this software :)
          My intention is to help PHP web developers

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