BlackBerry Messenger for PC, Download BBM for PC

BlackBerry Messenger for PC, Download BBM for PCC: BlackBerry Messenger Aka BBM is a quite popular and widely used mobile messaging application manufactured by BlackBerry Inc. BlackBerry Messenger performs similar to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Hike Messengers and it has its own features which made it look odd one among all the other available Mobile messaging applications. BlackBerry messengers widely used on Blackberry smartphones. Later they made BlackBerry Messenger open for all other smartphone companies through their app store. If you want to download BBM for Smartphone, then you can directly download it from your Smartphone app store. No matter which App store you have, whether it may be Google Play Store or App Store or any other store, you will find BBM directly. What if you want to download BBM for PC, MAC? Well, I guess you don’t know where to download BBM for PC. Well, then we are here to help you. Here will be providing How to do Download BBM For PC and MAC. Have a detailed read

BlackBerry Messenger for PC, Download BBM for PC

BlackBerry Messenger for PC, Download BBM for PC

Day by Day number of smartphone users growing. We are seeing exponential growth in smartphone users. However, there are a lot more people who still stick with computers, and there will be a certain number of people in future who stay with Personal Computers for majority tasks instead of going with Smartphones. I believe I am one among them who uses smartphones and personal computer at an equal access. Both are very much important to me. I hope you also like me. Ok, Let’s come to our topic. Where to download BBM for PC, MAC? You need not to go anywhere to download BBM for your personal computer. You can directly download it from this page itself.

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Download BBM for PC:

Follow the below steps to download BBM for PC, MAC and Desktops.

  1. BBM is now available for Android devices as well. So now what we are going to do is, Download a Best Android Emulator for PC.
  2. One of the best and highly recommended Android Emulator for PC is bluestacks. So I suggest you download Bluestacks for PC from here Download Bluestacks
  3. After Downloading Bluestacks, you can get BBM in two ways. Either by installing from Google Play Store or by with the help of Apk. I recommend you to go with Apk instead of Going with Google Play Store.
  4. Now, we need BBM Apk. Well, you can download BBM Apk from here. Download BBM APK
  5. After downloading BBM Apk, double click on it. It will re-direct you to Bluestacks. There you have to install BBM, which looks similar to Android Device.
  6. After Installing BBM on your Personal Computer / MAC, you can finish further formalities.
  7. If you are new to BlackBerry Messenger, then click on Sign Up. If you already have BBM account, simply give your login credentials to sign in BlackBerry Messenger.

Hope you are happy with BBM download.

BBM For PC Features:

There are plenty of mobile messaging application in the market, though BBM has its own special features which make this app best in the market. No matter what, you will love to use this application.

  1. Like other mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Hike, BBM also has Group Chat facility.
  2. Sharing Media is quite easier and quicker
  3. Messages sent through BBM are encrypted which means your conversations are protected. Nothing to worry regarding Messages Hack.
  4. Animated Images, Gifs sending gifts one of the interesting features of BBM
  5. Unlike other mobile messaging applications, BBM has something unique feature which every new BBM user must be aware of. In BBM, a new user must create BBM Pin to create BBM account rather than using the phone number or mobile number. You can directly start new chats, conversations using that pin.
  6. Fond of emojis delivers our feelings, expressions, emotions better than words!
  7.  No limit on the number of messages sent in a day! You can send unlimited messages to your loved ones, friends.
  8. Attractive User Interface
  9. You can check the status of the messages like whether the message is delivered or not. Whether the receiver read the message or not.
  10. The current location can be shared within seconds by few taps!
  11. You can broadcast important messages to your subscribers directly through Blackberry MA lot more…!!!

Every Mobile Messaging application user expects the best user experience. BBM has always been the best to deliver their best. Though the competitors are providing best and advanced features than BBM. As a result, some BBM users went down. Still, there are a lot of users, who are still using BBM for their lovely conversations. I hope you are one among them!

Hope the above guide on Download BBM Apk, and BBM for PC helped you greatly! If you have any doubts, if you need any kind of help, feel free to hit us with a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once Blackberry Messenger was most popular and widely used Mobile Messenger application. Now WhatsApp is leading mobile messenger application with more than 1Billion active users in a day. However, Blackberry Messenger still has its craze. Many groups of people still using and love to use this mobile messaging application. There are certain features in BlackBerry Messenger (As shown above) that makes this stand out to be a one of the best Mobile Messaging application in the market.

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