www.gmail.com | Gmail Login Sign Up | Gmail Sign in

www.gmail.com | Gmail Login Sign Up | Gmail Sign in Gmail one of the world’s largest free email service provided by Google. Actually, it’s Google mail, and in short, it is called as GMAIL. Here I am going to share a simple guide on Gmail Login, Gmail Sign Up and how to create Gmail Account. Before we begin let’s have a look at Gmail features, and why gmail is preferred over other free email services such as Yahoo, Outlook, RocketMail and many others.

www.gmail.com | Gmail Login Sign Up | Gmail Sign in

www.gmail.com | Gmail Login Sign Up | Gmail Sign in

gmail.com is where you can access your Google mail. In this Gmail guide, I will briefly cover Gmail Login Process which includes how to do gmail login, how to create gmail and also how to do gmail sign up. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Create Gmail Account / Gmail Sign Up

Remember, in order to create gmail account / gmail sign up one must have a working Mobile number. It’s mandatory, and it is recommended. So that your account will be safe!

  1. First of all visit http://www.gmail.com
  2. If you or any of your friends/family members/relatives or others already logged into gmail, then you must have to logout to create gmail account. If someone already logged in to their accounts, you can’t create an account.
  3. Click on Create Account.

    create gmail account

  4. Give your details such as First Name, Last Name, Date of birth and desired Email Address

    Gmail Sign up

  5. Sometimes you may not get your desired Email Address, in that case, you can opt for suggestions. It will show which email addresses are available to register. If you like any of the suggestion mentioned below you can choose that, or you can give another try for your desired email address.
  6. After entering all your details, and desired email address you have to enter your recovery email address and mobile number. Remember you can skip Recovery Email Address, but in most of the cases, you can’t skip Mobile Number. You must provide your mobile number for verification.
  7. After Entering mobile number submit the form.
  8. At this point. You will get One Time Password (OTP). Submit OTP and you were done

After successful entry of OTP, you gmail accounts gets ready to use! If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below. We are here to serve you!

gmail.com login / Gmail Sign in

To do Gmail.com login, you must have a Gmail account. In case if you don’t have Gmail account, create gmail account using above steps. If you have gmail account, let’s proceed to gmail sign in

  1. first of all visit gmail.com
  2. As I said above, if someone already logged in to their gmail account, you have to log out. Else you can’t proceed.
  3. In order to do gmail login, visit gmail.com and enter your Email Address and then password.

    gmail sign in

  4. After entering your email address and password click on submit.
  5. Remember, during Gmail Sign in it is not mandatory to enter @gmail.com. You can skip entering this. For suppose, your email address is example123@gmail.com. During Gmail Sign in you just enter example 123.

One more thing. Gmail Address is NOT CASE SENSITIVE! You can either use capital letters or small letters. It is not going to be a matter.

As per the official sources, Gmail is world’s largest and widely used Free Email service. Approximately there are more than Billion people are using Gmail as their primary Email Address. However, there are other free email services available. Still, people are using Gmail. There are various reasons for this! Every day the number of Gmail users are growing exponentially. The primary reason behind this growth is its simple features. Gmail has never been complex for anyone. Either it may be a student or old business man, it was quite easier to access by everyone. Let’s have a look at Gmail Features

Gmail Features:

  • Gmail by default provides 15GB storage! It’s a massive storage to store your private and most important data.
  • One of the best features of Gmail is One Gmail for all Google Products. Yes, It’s a cool feature, isn’t it! If you want to use Google products you just need to give your Google account details that is Gmail. As we all know Google products are awesome by default, and it is quite easier to use them with the help of Gmail.
  • Google provides a large number of apps which work directly with the help of gmail. Some of the examples are Google Hangouts which is an exclusive app for Video calls. Google Drive, which is a sort of Google Cloud Storage. Google Allo Virtual assistant by Google, Google maps, and many other apps run with Gmail. So apparently Gmail is one of the best Free email services by Google
  • Gmail lets you use multiple Accounts. If you own more than one Gmail account, then you can use them simultaneously without any issues. In fact, you can use multiple accounts without any issues.
  • Gmail lets you add Third Party Add-ons which make your tasks much easier. By default, you can’t schedule msgs, in that you can go with Add-ons. There are plenty of Addons which lets you do productive emailing every day.

Because of all these legendary and simple features, Google stood world’s largest Email Service provider. If you have any doubts or if you have anything to say, kindly do comment below. Do let us know your experiences in below comments. They are valuable for us.

How to delete gmail account permanently

Gmail world’s largest and most commonly used Free email service powered by Google. As per the latest survey, 95% of internet users are having at least One Gmail Account. It’s a big email service. Let me tell you one more reason why gmail is widely used free email service than compared to other email providers. These days most of the smartphones are Android smartphones. Android company is acquired by Google and gmail is the most commonly seen app in every Andriod smartphone. Because of this inbuilt nature, many people started using gmail. One more thing which considered as a crucial reason for the evolution of Gmail.

As we all know, Gmail is a product of Google, and in order to access any of the Google product, you need a google id, which is Gmail. Google made Gmail as a mandatory account to use their products. Because of this, Gmail users increased rapidly. Even the best features of gmail satisfied users greatly. As a result, Gmail became top free email service.

Each and every internet at least one gmail id, few people have more than one gmail id. Yes, there are a lot of people who have multiple gmail accounts, created for various reasons. Few people are capable of using multiple gmail accounts, and few are not capable of maintaining multiple gmail accounts. If you are not capable of maintaining multiple gmail accounts, in case if you are not interested in using multiple gmail accounts, if you want to delete gmail account permanently, then follow the mentioned simple ways to delete gmail account permanently.

It is quite easier and simple to delete gmail account permanently. Before deleting your gmail account permanently do check whether any important data left in your gmail account. If yes, kindly forward that data to other gmail account.

Especially for all, i will write a detailed guide on How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently. Stay connected with us!

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