Google Allo APK Download | Google Allo For PC

Google Allo APK Download: Google Allo, a Virtual Assistant from Google which always ready to help you. Here is few thing you need to know about Google Allo and also we are providing Google Allo Apk! Have a look at Google Allo – Everything You need to know and Google Allo APK Download. 

Google Allo – Everything You need to know: Google Allo is a recent Mobile Messaging Application launched by Google in order to enable users to communicate with their contacts. Google Allo, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered messaging app that was announced alongside Duo, during its annual I/O event in May. Google Allo is similar to Hike and WhatsApp. Allo is an Innovative App ever developed by Google. There are so many Advanced and Innovative features are enabled in this Application. Let me reveal all those Innovative features one by one. That is the I titled it as Google Allo – Everything You need to know.

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Google Allo APK Download | Google Allo – Everything You need to know

Google Allo APK Download | Google Allo For PC

  •  As I said earlier, Google Allo is similar to WhatsApp, Hike, Viber. All these accounts need your Contact number, in the beginning, to sign up. In the same, first of all, you have to sign up for Google Allo using your mobile number. Later verify your mobile number with the help of OTP. After Verifying your mobile number, you have to give bit info about you, like your name and other things which you see on the sign-up page. Google Allo uses your Mobile number because you have to message other contacts with the help of your mobile number only. You can also sync your Gmail account with the app, and keep track of emails and important meetings with built-in AL powered by Google Assistant, the assistive technology. This feature makes it unique
  • Google Allo messaging application is also used End to End encryption for messages, voice messages, and other things as well.
  • Google Uses best quality User Interface to all of its products. Same formula applied even for Google Allo. Google Allo has best User Interface, and seamless for any user to get addicted to it. Google Says, “Allo is a smarter messaging app, with machine intelligence and our natural language processing advances from search,” explains Fulay. “Smart reply – which we first built for Inbox gives real-time suggestions to quickly reply to a message based on your responses, and it learns over time.”
  • Google Allo lets you chat in Incognito Mode, it’s a secure way of chatting, and chat is fully encrypted. Features of Incognito mode chats are Expiring Chats, private notifications and much more. It is the best way of maintaining secret chatting. Don’t worry regarding deletion, and you have settings to customize incognito chats, where you can customize things like when to delete chat and few other basic things.
  • Smart Replies are the one of the best and interesting Feature enabled in Google Allo, with which you can send smart replies to your contacts, which keeps the conversation going smoothly.
  • Google Assistant, which is one of the major Extention for Google Allo. Google Virtual Assistant is like Siri in iPhone, Natasha in Hike, where you can ask something and get information. You can Ask for jokes, songs, facts, and similar categories. Google Virtual Assistant will help you with search results within a fraction of seconds, and that makes us use Allo each day. During the launch of the app in May, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO said, “Think of the assistant, we think of it as a conversational assistant, we want users to have an ongoing two-way dialogue.” Virtual Assistant is a Good move by Google.

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There are much more interesting features in Google Allo, and many more interesting features will come in future updates. If you are a person who likes Interesting things, if you like to explore innovations, then you must give a try to Google Allo. You’ll love it for sure.

Google Allo APK Download:

Allo app is developed Google, and everyone knows that Google owns Android. So Allo specially made for Android devices. Applications in the Android smartphones are developed in APK format. If you are an Android smartphone user, if you want to install Google Allo Apk on your smartphone, then you are in the right place. Here you can get Google Allo Apk for Free.

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There are some smartphones which Run on Android Platform but don’t have Google Play Store. Though they have native app stores, it is difficult to get all applications in Native App Stores. Best Example, Nokia Smartphone. Nokia Smartphones such as Nokia X, XL, and others do run on Android, but they don’t have Google Play Store. They do have their own custom App Stores, in which you may not find Google Allo App. So you have to get an APK on your device in order to install that app on your Smartphone. By keeping them in mind, I have made this article! Here you can download Allo Apk, run on your smartphone.

Google Allo has excellent features which made this app to stand in Top for the Best Virtual Assistant App. I guess now you are aware of Google Allo Features. Without wasting time let’s go to Download Google Allo Apk.

Download Allo APK



Download Allo From Play Store


Google Allo For Pc / MAC :

Though Mobile ruling the present generation, still there are majority of people who spending their time on Personal Computers, Laptops, MAC’s to interact and communicate with people. Hence i have decided to help them too by providing Google Allo For Pc.

Here I will be explaining the possible ways of using Google Allo app on Personal Computers, desktops, laptops, MAC devices. Have a detailed look. Let me know if you have any questions in the below comments section.

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You Can’t Use Google Allo Virtual Assistant by visiting You have to do something else in order to Use Allo on PC. Let me tell you how.

Allo is an Android App, and we are expecting to use it on a personal computer. Right? Then simply install Android Emulator on your personal computer, which makes your task much easier. There are plenty of Android Emulators available in the market. Among all the available Android Emulators, Bluestack is best and recommended. So I recommend you to download Bluestacks on your Personal Computers in order to use Google Allo on your PC.

If you have Bluestacks already installed in your PC, then you are good to go. In case if you don’t have Bluestacks installed on your PC, then kindly follow the below mentioned steps to install Bluestacks and start using Google Allo For PC.

  1. First of All, visit
  2. On the Homepage itself, you can see Download options. According to your Operating system, download Bluestacks Software. It’s around 300-400Mb size.
  3. After Installing Bluestacks, run the application. Now it’s time to get Google Allo Apk in order to use it on your personal computer.
  4. Want to download Allo Apk? Read the above mentioned steps to download  Google Allo Apk.
  5. After downloading Google Allo APK, install the application. Since the app is in APK format, when we run the application it will automatically take you to Bluestacks from where you can use Google Allo App!

Hope I am clear with each and every point. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We are happy to help you!

Have you used Google Allo Yet? If yes, do let us know your reviews in below comments!

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