Heartily Thanks to Magazine3 & Kaludi’s Brothers

Why i Wrote this?

Since two months i had a major issue in my WordPress Blog Tech Tricks Point. There is some Malicious code in my WordPress Blog, which results in displaying some dots like this (… …) on the Front Page. I was very worried about this thing. I don’t know how they came to my blog but the biggest mistake i have ever done in my WordPress blog is, i have used Nulled Theme  for my Blog. It resulted in displaying those dots (… …) on my blog!

                                                        You can see malicious dots highlighted on top left corner

Since the day when i have seen those dots, I stopped working on this blog. Because i am afraid., Majority Nulled themes always have a back door open to hackers,Through that they Hack Websites.  These dots made me to worry about that. I am really afraid, i thought my blog gonna get Hacked in future. So i stopped working on it.

Yesterday, when i saw Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi bro launched their new made free ware WordPress theme The SkinIts an open source WordPress theme, Built for Humans By the Humans. That theme was really awesome and attracted me! Instantly i have changed theme of my Website and Contacted them through their Forum.

I have explained my Problem, they responded to my query within 12 hours, they gave solution to my issue. It worked like a charm. I am Surprised. In the past i have contacted so many Programmers, So many Web Developers to solve my issue, but no one can able solve my issue.  But Kaludi Bro’s ( Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi ) solved my issue. They have idea about this Malicious code, so they suggested me what to do, how to do. Initially i can’t find solution to this problem.

Through forum, again i contacted them, again they explained me how to do, where to check. I did according to their instructions, and Successfully removed that Malicious code. Now i can’t see those dots(… …) on my Blog.

So, Heartily Thanks to Magazine3 and Kaludi Brothers ( Ahmed Kaludi & Mohammed Kaludi )

What is Magazine3

Magazine3 is an WordPress theme developing community, where Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi and some fellow Programmers Build Premium, Professional WordPress themes!

Magazine3 try to understand what large websites use and then they provide those features to normal users at a low price.

Their themes are really creative, user friendly and have large variety of themes, which suits to each and everyone’s Blog requirement!

You can browse to their Beautiful themes here >> Click Here

Who are Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi:

Ahmed kaludi are Mohammed Kaludi are Co-Founders of Magazine3. Where they build Responsive themes for Bloggers, Web Developers. Both of they are very famous in the WordPress community, each are having 8 years of experience in Building WordPress Themes!

If you have any problem in WordPress, if you need help from these two legendary WordPress Theme Developers, feel free to contact them through Here: Contact Ahmed Kaludi & Mohammed Kaludi


Don’t miss their New WordPress Open Source The Skin 0.2v

Get The Skin Now Download the Skin WordPress theme


Hope you like their work!

Let us know what do you feel about their helping nature towards newbie bloggers! in below comments

Riyazmoin Shaik :Googler | Blogger | Programmer | Web Developer | SEO Analyst | Content Writer

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  • I'm glad that we could help. Please do let the word out about skin, so others can also benifit from the theme.

    Thank you for writing such a great post.


    • Thanks a lot for your help, and yes SKIN is really amazing. I'm currently using this theme only. It's really amazing and simple theme. I loved it. Expecting some minor fixes in future updates. :)

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