Hike Diwali offer: Free Mobile Recharges with Hike

Hike messenger is an Free Mobile Messaging app, Now a days Hike getting viral because of its amazing, advanced features and facilities.

The best part of Hike app is it gets Update frequently with best and advanced features. Recently we have seen hike direct feature. It’s simply superb.

Every Update from Hike is some what unique and interesting

About Hike:

Hike the only messaging app made in india!-

It lets you hide your chats, Send Messages to friends when they’re offline and send awesome stickers

It supports to share all types of files – docs, songs and movies etc.., up to 100 MB each

We can say that Hike going to beat WhatsApp records. Now a days everyone has Hike.

Its new Refer and Earn Offer making users satisfactory to use.

In the past month it gave free Data balance of 100 MB who joins with our referral link

This Dassara Hike gave Rs.51 to every hike user and Rs.25 for each who joins with your referral link.

CheckIn: This dussehra Earn Unlimited Recharges with Hike { Updated }


Let’s come to the trick.

Hike Diwali offer can help you to make unlimited recharges from hike

To get Unlimited Recharges from Hike Diwali offer, all you need have

  • Smartphone ( Any SmartPhone better if it is ANDROID)
  • A Good Internet Connection ( If Wi-Fi then it’s so better )
  • A Computer or Laptop  ( Must to make Quick Recharges)
  • 2 or more SIM cards ( Number of sims = more free recharges)

First of all install Hike on your Smartphone and  copy your referral link.

Note: Referral link can’t be displayed particularly. So,in order to get your referral link Invite any friend by Invite Friends option and invite through WhatsApp. if you invite by WhatsApp, you can see your referral link in Messages.

Refer your friends with your own referral link provided in your Hike Account. 


or else


Go to Invite friends in Hike, Invite your friends using SMS or Mail or WhatsApp 


If your friend installs Hike using your referral link you will get Rs. 25

Invite four friends you will get 100 because the minimum redeem amount is 100

Click these Links to Install Hike and Start Earning 

 Link 1          Link 2             Link3

Another Alternative:

This is for those who don’t have friends to install Hike.

This Trick is totally about earnings Rewards from Referrals

We know very well that no one uses our referral links to install app.

Many of our friends Ignores our Links

so when no one uses let’s use our brain to make earnings for us 😉

Here raises a question, How can we earn with brain ? :O :O

Don’t worry, i’m here to help with that.

Follow below steps and apply carefully

  1. Download & Install Bluestacks on PC and Sign in/ Sign up using Gmail. Because Bluestacks runs with Google Account only!
  2. Now Sign in into your Hike account in the mobile and copy your referral link. To get your Referral link Read above Note
  3. Try to use that referral link in your bluestacks  i.e., on PC for this Using Social Networking sites like Facebook or Twitter
    ( Its an alternative way to get your referral link on your PC. still you can get referral link in WhatsApp and visit web.whatsapp.com in your PC)
  4. Using your own referral link in Bluestacks, install Hike and Sign Up to Hike account with different SIM card you own.
    I mean sign up with Multiple Sim cards you own! It’s like referring ourselves to get Free Recharges.
  5. After Sign Up install any app and wait until you receive airtime for installing that app.

That it. It’s Simple to make Recharges from Hike


  1. Maintain Some gap when you use Multiple sims in Bluestacks
  2. Remember Hike will pay for Newly Joined Users.
  3. Once you redeemed Rs.100, later you can make RC of 10 Also.


In this way you can earn for your primary number and be smart you can make more earnings with that.

By the Way By Default hike is giving  Rs. 51 for everyone 🙂 

Click these Links to Grab your Free Recharge: Link 1          Link 2             Link3

 Here is my Earnings Proof.

Another Proof:

Proof for Unlimited Earnings: 


Download From my referral link: http://get.hike.in/I9zqbt

This Hike Diwali offer. Previous month we had Hike Dassara Offer. Don’t get Confused.

Hike Diwali offer ending on 15 November, 2015

If you find any mistake or if you need any suggestion DO let me Know in BELOW COMMENTS. I am Always Ready to help you

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