How to Access Router of Wi-Fi even if you don’t know its Username/Password

Hey, i’m here with a general trick to help many users who are facing problem with their router. Here i’m going to share about how to Access Router even if you don’t know or forgot its Username/Password. Recently i faced this problem. I forgot the password to Access Router so i tried this and worked fine.

Follow my steps to access router even if you don’t know its username/password. ( I worked on Windows 7, i guess this trick works fine on other Operating Systems too If not do let me no in comments )

  1. Go to Start Button on the Left corner of the system.
  2. Search for Run and Type CMD ( command ) in the Run box and then hit Enter
  3. Then it opens a Command Prompt. In the command Prompt type in “ipconfig” (without quotes) and hit enter.

  4. Locate your Default Gateway under Ethernet Adapter (i.e., Local Area Connection), mark and copy that address

  5. Visit the web address provided in Default Gateway from any browser in order to log in to access router
  6. It will redirects you to login page where you can see the Login credentials as shown below.
    This is the default login page of my Router. Depends upon the Router company homepage look changes but every router homepage contains User Name Box and Password Box
  7. Now Below, on the bottom of the Router/Modem try to locate “Modem Access Code“, and memorise or write down the code.
  8. Get back to the Home page of the Router and paste the Modem Access code in Password Box which we took from the Bottom of the router
  9. There were so many default Usernames varies with the Brand of Router. For Username try these Inputs : “user”, “admin” “000”, “administrator” or blank or any other default Username you could search from Google. If it worked then your are done
  10. Congratulations! You now should have a full access to your Router/Modem.

Still you can’t made this then try to Reset your router by holding the RESET button for 10-20 seconds provided on the back side of the Router

If you found any mistake or if you have any suggestion, Do let me Know in Below comments

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