How to Create A Blog (step to step guide) for Beginners

Hi there! There were so many ways to create a blog. you can create a blog using various free blogging sites available in the market or else you can purchase a domain and hosting and if you can’t afford a good money then you take free blogging service from the famous free blogging sites such as Blogger, WordPress etc. and purchase domain which costs very less

Blogging is my passion. I started my blogging career from blogger. In fact from blogging, everyone excepts some bucks for their pockets but I can’t earn more with free blogging service called Blogger. So I started to thinking deeply about it and purchased custom Domain and Hosting. It lets me make small money (Because I’m a beginner 😉 ).

Here I’m gonna share How to create a blog  for Free with the available platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Weebly and with Paid custom Domain & Hosting.

Blogger : 

Blogger is one of the best web developing platform provided by the Google Inc., It allows beginners to create a basic website to fulfill their passion about blogging and allows users to make business using this free service

Blogger is a free blogging service and it will not charge for whole life

To create a blog/website with Blogger you must have a Google account i.e., Gmail, (Because Blogger is one of the Google Product) the tagline of the gmail is also one Gmail for every google product.

To create a blog go to >

  • Here it will ask you to log in via Gmail
  • After login, you will find create a blog option in the left column menu
  • Where you can create a Blog according to your preference

Blogger is a one of the best Platform than other Free Blog services. You can add custom Third Party URL to your blog as well as you can customize it into various kinds according to your interest.

Remember: Blogger can remove your Blog if you commit any Malpractice, spam. It deindexes from search engine i.e., your site gets penalised.

Its very simple and it reflects the view of WordPress, but there is a lot of difference there from Blogger to WordPress

In the same way, you can create a blog using

WordPress :

WordPress provides a quick and User-friendly blog to beginners. Where they can learn how exactly WordPress makes their work easier. visit to get free WordPress Blog

In fact, there were 22% of websites in the world are on WordPress. So, why can’t we choose WordPress for our Website? ?

Note: Free Website contains sub-domain in the URL, so for professional use you have to buy a third-party domain.

To have a Professional WordPress Website you must have a Custom Domain & Hosting from the famous hosting websites named Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost etc.,

I personally took hosting from Godaddy  and now i’m on Hostgator

It’s very simple to install WordPress on your hosting. if you have a basic internet facility then hardly it will take 10 mins to install WordPress on your website

How to Create a Free Website with Free domain and Unlimited Hosting

  • First of all purchase a Domain and Hosting from any of the host providers mentioned above
  • To purchase a Domain and Hosting you need have an email
  • When the purchase and payment are done then your hosting and domain details were sent to your e-mail
  • Take the log-in credentials from the e-mail and get logged in to your hosting
  • Visit and install WordPress
  • It takes 10-15 mins to install WordPress on your website

After that everything done smartly. WordPress is very easy to use and user-friendly. Everything smartly and automatically operated in WordPress

Install WordPress Plugins for Newly install WordPress —> Check Here

Remember: and both are different in functionality. Provides Free blog with Lots of Restrictions where is a Paid Hosting which has no Restrictions.

It’s a small introduction about ” how to create a blog ” many more yet to come. stay tuned with us


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