How to Get AdSense Approved within 3 days?

I often see people feel difficulty to get Google Adsense Approved for them. But in my Blogging career, I have created more than 10 Adsense accounts without any issue. I never received the Adsense Declined mail. In my opinion, Getting an Adsense is much easier than anything else. You might be thinking how? Right? If yes, then have patience, I am going to reveal all the techniques I use to get Adsense Approval within three days.

It’s not that much difficult. First of All, to get Google Adsense Approval you need to have a Domain, and Hosting [No worries what kind of hosting it may be, either it may be hosted on Blogger or WordPress, Google isn’t going to deal with this. You will get Adsense Approval irrespective of Hosting].

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Even in domains, TLD’s [Top Level Domain] are recommended, even if you have non-TLD then also you will get Adsense Approval it’s not an issue! Remember, Domain’s with Subdomains won’t get Adsense Approval. For example, or are not eligible, and their Applications straight away gets declined. So, Buying a Domain is a must when you are Applying for Google Adsense.

Here we go.

How to Get AdSense Approved within three days?

First of All, Buy a Domain. There is a proper way to Buy a domain. I will be discussing that as well in Another Article. It’s an Advanced level of buying a domain.

You won’t get Adsense Approval by Buying Domain; you have to do little work on it so that you can get Adsense Easily. I will tell what exactly you have to do to get Adsense Approved within three days.  It’s very Easy.

After Getting Domain, Host it on Self Hosting. If you can afford some money, Around 60$ Per Annum or 3k INR per Annum then you will get the best Quality Hosting. If you can’t afford then Host your blog on Blogger, it’s free. Self Hosting is recommended than hosting a blog on Blogger. It’s an Advanced level issue, and I will be discussing that in another article. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at How to Get AdSense Approved within three days.

After Setting up the domain on hosting, Design your blog by Self-coding or by installing themes. Design Blog/ website according to your requirement. Site layout isn’t going to be an issue for Adsense Approval.

Quick Note: In your blog design, make sure you won’t keep any Download link. No download links or Placed on Sidebar, Homepage. If you place so, then you Won’t get Adsense Approval. According to the Adsense Policies, Adsense Ads are not allowed to put on Download Pages, on Authority, and Google recommended sites like Softonic, File Hippo does have rights to display Adsense Ads on download Pages. If you place Any Download link on any part of your website, then there might be Huge chances of getting Adsense Decline.

When you are done with Blog/ Website Design, Now it’s your Turn to Add Important pages like, About, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer. If you add these relevant pages, then only you will get Adsense Approval. If you Don’t add relevant pages like these, then Adsense may not get Approved. So, why taking a chance? Why giving Google an opportunity to decline our Application? Right? So, don’t forget to add these important pages, before you apply for Google Adsense.

Finally, you have to write Content for your site. Yes, it’s time to write few articles before Applying Adsense. If you write Genuine Articles, with each article containing 300 words, then it will be easier for you to get Adsense Approval. You just need to Write five Outstanding, best and Genuine Articles. Plagiarism free articles play a crucial role. If your content is copied, then you won’t get Adsense. Genuine content always helps.

All these things must be done carefully to Get Adsense Approval in first Attempt itself.


Do WebMasters Properly before Applying Google Adsense. Make Sure your Website, All the relevant pages [About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer], and your articles are indexed in Google. Adsense Must be Applied after your posts get indexed. If your posts are not indexed in Google, then wait until they get indexed in Google.

After they get indexed then Apply for Adsense.

How to Apply for Google Adsense:

  1. Visit or Click Sign Up on this page. It will re-direct you to Welcome to AdSense page.
  2. In Welcome to AdSense Page, you have to Sign in using your Gmail, so that you can access your Adsense with that Gmail and Password.
  3. After Signing in, you have to Add your domain and Language. See the below image to get an idea, how you can Add your domain and Choose your Language.
  4. After this, you will be re-directed to a page, where you have to enter your Details, Address and Contact number.
  5. Submit the Application and you are done. Your Application has been submitted.

Here comes the Major Part.

Many people might be worried at this stage only. They feel tensed, whether their Application gets approved or rejected.

If you have done Everything Accordingly as mentioned above, you will get Adsense Approval for sure. A day after Applying for Adsense, you will get an e-mail regarding, put an Ad code to Verify the Domain. After 24hrs, you will get an e-mail saying Adsense Approved Fully.

Apply for Adsense > After 24 hrs mail regarding Ad Code Verification > After 24hrs of Placing Ads, Adsense Approval mail. = total 48 hours only. If the servers are busy, or due to any other reason, sometimes it might take 24 hours extra. Total 72 hours = 3 days. So, in this way you can get Adsense Approval within three days.

Don’t worry, if you have followed each and every step above mentioned, then surely you will get Adsense Approval. It’s not that much difficult, the only key to get Adsense Approval is taking care of each and every minor thing carefully. If you write copied content then Adsense application gets declined, if posts are not indexed in google when you submit an application, then you Adsense Application gets Declined. 

At a Glance:

  1. Buy a Domain
  2. Link Domain to Paid hosting or free hosting
  3. Set up Website, without any download links at Any part of the site.
  4. Create All the Important Pages, At least three relevant pages, i.e., ABOUT, CONTACT, & PRIVACY POLICY
  5. Write Genuine Content (Plagiarism free)
  6. Make Sure Your domain, All Pages and Posts Indexed in Google.
  7. When the above steps are done carefully, then only apply for Google Adsense. 100% Your Adsense Gets Approved within three days.

If you have any doubt, if you need any kind of help in getting Adsense Approval Contact me Anytime. > Contact Admin

If you find any mistake or if you have any suggestion, kindly let us know in below comments.

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  • Can i buy a domain, complete these steps and apply for adsense the same day(in one day)? or should have a time gap? Help me out

    • Yes, It's Possible! But I won't recommend you to do this.

      Because Your posts won't get indexed within a day. At least they take three-five days.

      You can ask me how is it possible? For that question, my answer is Black Hat Method. Yes!
      After Buying domain, Creating site, pages, and posts, you have to do webmasters. GoogleBots take some time.

      It's an Automatic process when you verify the domain in webmasters, and Google bots come to your site. It takes some time. So the post and pages take some time to get indexed in Google. You can use FETCH option in Web Master to Index All posts within a day. But it is not recommended by Google. It completely comes under grey hat technique.

      The purpose of Fetch URL is, even after a week or two weeks, your site or any page not getting indexed in Google, in that case, you can use Fetch URL not to index regular posts. If you do so, it might create a negative impact on your site.

      Hope you got my point. Let me know if you have any other Query Regarding this.


      - Keep visiting :)

  • Its not an easy task to get approved adsense account since i have an experience of 4 time rejects. I was so annoyed that i should forget adsense monetization and try an other....but after researching on blogs like this..i got adsense easily approved....the above points are all true that helps to approve the adsense account..Thank you for your kind info!

  • Hi, I've been applied for Google Adsense for a week now.. I also follow the instruction above, but there's not a single reply until now either reject or approve. What should I do, or can I assume that I'm being rejected?

    One more thing, I have tried apply with my other google account with different website also, unfortunately I have forget to add the ad script and my website already expired almost 2-3 months, and I just realize this yesterday. What should I do?

    Thank you in advance.

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