What Makes Tactical Flash Lights One Of The Best Tools For Self Defense

The moment you step out of your house, you are immediately exposed to so many different types of threats. Hence, it is important for all men and women to carry a few things for self-defense.  While some influential people may carry handguns to stay safe, not all are allowed to keep a weapon. Flashlights are perhaps one of the most underestimated forms of tools that can be used for self-defense. In this article, will tell you how you can use a tactical flash light to stay safe under various circumstances.

Make it easier to identify threats

Let’s say you are returning home late at night and the street lights are dim. The attackers usually take cover under the darkness and use such situations to their advantage. You can stop being a vulnerable target by pulling out a bright tactical flash light that can illuminate your path and also discourage the attackers. When there’s light around you, cowards will not be able to harm you in any way.

Even in situations when someone attacks you, you can direct the bright light on his eyes to create that blind effect and get the opportunity to escape. This can be a great way to put the attackers off guard and get some time to seek help or pull out that pepper spray from your bag.

According to a self-defense expert, you must aim the flashlight directly on their eyes and dominate their entire face. The attacker will try to protect his eye from getting blinded with his hands covering his eyes and this will give you the time to attack or escape.

Jagged bezels in tactical flash lights

The advanced tactical flashlights may come with extra features such as a jagged bezel that can act like a weapon in case of an attack. So, after you shine he bright light on the attacker’s face, you can hit with the jagged bezel as hard as possible as an act of self-defense.

With incidents of crime increasing in leaps and bound every single individual needs to be more careful and equipped with self-defense. Women are considered as the most vulnerable target hence working women should always carry a tactical flash light in their bag along with pepper spray and may be a knife too.


Not many people are aware of ways by which they can do their self-defense. A small investment in a good tactical flash light can actually save you from so many different kinds of troubles. Spread the word and let more people realize the importance and significance of carrying a flashlight with them.

Educate women about self-defense and urge them to always carry a best tactical flashlight in their bag wherever they go. It’s a small step you will take to ward off and discourage people from looking at you as an easy target.

Now that you know how useful a tactical flashlight can be for your self-defense, get one today and make sure you always carry it in your hand bag.

Rahul Dubey:
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