Passcode Bypass Security problem in iOS 9, See how you can overcome it

iOS 9 has reached morethan 50 percent of apple devices with in a week. Let’s get to know what’s in it.

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Many Apple users were happy with iOS 9 and 9.0.1 because of its multiple features, speed of action and proper function of siri. But when it comes to the Security of iOS 9 Apple failed to Give Good Security. when device is protected with passcode, then it can be easily malfunctioned with the help of SIRI.

How Passcode Bypass happens ?

When you enter wrong passcode, then before it says wrong password, press home button and bring SIRI to action. First of all ask for time, when it opens the clock, search for any other country time in search bar, then share that time via inbuilt message system, where you can add contact to whom you wanna share that time, then hold on the contact you selected then it shows the details of the contact such as Name, e-mail id etc. In this way your contacts can be seen, stolen by others

In the same way, In the Sender Box type anything and try to add that to your contacts, then it takes you to Address book, where you can add picture to your contact. in such way your Personal pictures can be opened and seen by others.

This is very bad thing, many people doesn’t like to happen this thing to them. So to get rid of this i have a suggestion. Read it Below

How to Overcome this ?

Simply disable SIRI on lock screen. By disabling SIRI on lock Screen you can Protect your device. To disable SIRI ‘ Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Disable SIRI ( turning off SIRI )  

Hope Apple may work on this Conflict to satisfy their customers..

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