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Evolution of QuickOffice:

Microsoft Office became part in everyone’s life. without Microsoft Documents such as Word, PPT, EXCEL, it’s hard to survive in this generation. According to the dependency and usability many apps were designed especially for Microsoft Office Documents. It proves the requirement. Microsoft documents are used world wide in many business fields, educational sectors and in many other places. Creating documents in Microsoft is an easy process but you need the perfect application to do that task. as i said earlier there were plenty of applications to create Microsoft office documents. Of course many do use official Microsoft office software to make documents in their desktops and laptops

Then what about making Documents in Smartphones and Tablets? Well, it’s a good question. But the answer is simple, there were plenty of apps available in App stores, since there we can get good app to create documents. how can you decide a particular app is great to do particular task? For an instance, actually you don’t know which app performs well in Creating Microsoft documents.

So, i will be helping you out to know about the best Document making app.That is QuickOffice is a app which can create documents such as MS WORD, PPT’s quickly. you can create documents on the Go, using this QuickOffice app

According to WIKIPEDIA:

QuickOffice is a freeware proprietary productivity suite for mobile devices which allowed viewing, creating and editing documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It consisted of QuickWord (a Word Processor), QuickSheet (a SpreadSheet) and QuickPoint (a presentation program). The programs were best compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

QuickOffice is commonly used in smartphones and tablets and it’s an Freeware app so you can get it for free. QuickOffice is available in every famous App Store such Google Play Store, and iOS app store. Now this app now Owned by Google Inc., 

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After adding all these features QuickOffice into its own newly released Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides apps. Google announced that QuickOffice would be discontinued, and had since been removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. Stills it’s a great app to create documents.

If you still love QuickOffice app then you can use it, we have APK file,a bit disappointing thing is which can work only for Android Users.

Key features of QuickOffice:

  • If you use Quick Office app to make Word Document then it has plenty of options. It has cool user interface with lots of facilities.
  • This app enables you to import Documents from your local drive and also from cloud storage. Because many professionals do have habit of storing important documents in Cloud storage, so they can’t be easily imported in to your QuickOffice app and can be modified easily
  • The interesting thing in Quick Office app is you can add text words to your documents with google voice typing.
  • You can play and listen to the words you typed in the Document. It’s cool feature to prepare for presentation
  • It have an interesting feature, with this you can directly throw email directly without saving specially. If you forward document by email then it automatically saves in internal drive.
  • As we know, busy Business man deals with plenty of Documents. Many people forget where they stored their document. They don’t remember where they stored, whether they stored in local disk, or they stored in cloud storage. they don’t have any idea about it. In this case you can use Search option to search your documents in both local disk and cloud storage simultaneously and the results were instant and accurate.

Now in this 2016, there were plenty of apps available to do this task. but nothing can compete with QuickOffice app. Yes, this app was designed well. It has multi document support.

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QuickOffice supports documents in the format Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, and Portable Document Format. You can edit any Microsoft document but its not possible to edit Portable Document Format (PDF).

Coming to Power Point Documentations, its very easy, simple and quick way to create document using this QuickOffice app. You can swap slides, you can edit infomation in the slides as like you do in desktop, you can add cliparts, pictures, media files through your Smartphone and tablet. Click on add button to add media files to your Power Point Document.

The riskless thing is you can add information to document by Google voice typing. Yeah, this app Google voice type feature, through this you can add data directly by talking rather than typing. It’s an stress free task, isn’t it? well it have many more advanced features than any other app in the store

QuickOffice app for Tablet:

Unfortunately, now this app ain’t available in Google Play Store and Apple App store, but still source files are available in Internet. you can easily download it from the internet.

Download QuickOffice app from 9apps. Here is the Download link to get app for your Smartphone or tablet >> Get Here

At present these features are integrated to Google doc’s app, you can get same features in that app. But i recommend you to use QuickOffice to make and edit Documents on Smartphones and tablets. Because no other Document app have these features. Mostly these features were found in Pro apps. but you are getting them easily in a regular Freeware app. So, i suggest you to use this QuickOffice app as compared to other apps available in the market.

As far i saw, and with my experience with this QuickOffice app i can say that you can use this app widely rather than any other app. So, use this app and share your experience with us and help us to share your experience with our readers.

If you found any mistake or if i miss anything to write do let me know in below comments.

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