Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes to Check Mobile Performance

Samsung galaxy secret codes: Samsung one of the world’s biggest Smartphone manufacturer which manufactured Hundreds of Smartphone and for a good they have been Legends of Smartphone Industry. Still, they are the best but they not qualitative like earlier. Some devices are having Hanging issues, some devices are having Software issues and some devices are Hardware issues. If we buy a new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone then absolutely there is no problem at all, even if we get any issued device we can exchange it.


Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes


But this is not the scenario while buying already Using Samsung Galaxy smartphones. When you decided to buy a used Samsung Smartphone, First of all, you have to think regarding its performance. Whether the device working properly or not. Whether the micro internal components like Sensor working or not. Whether the battery of Device is in perfect condition or not. You need to think about each and every small thing. If you are Geek, Pro-Genius you’ll easily identify the defects in a Smartphone buys using it for a while. But this is not possible for everyone.

Every smartphone has a secret/ hidden code to check it’s performance. Like every smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones do have secret codes to check the performance of the specific component in a device. Let me explain in brief about Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes, Samsung Galaxy phone code. I have noticed many Samsung Smartphone users are in deep search of Samsung Mobile information code, Secret code of Samsung Galaxy mobile. To help all those search queries I am here with a Solution.


Samsung Galaxy Smartphone / Mobile / Phone All Secret / Hidden Codes

First of all, i will share all basic Hidden / Secrets codes in a Samsung Smartphone later I will go In-depth Secret codes of Samsung to test each and every componet of a device. Here i have included Samsung Galaxy S1 , S2 , S3 , S4 , S5 Secret codes as well!

Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes to Check Mobile Performance

  • To find Samsung Galaxy IMEI Number : *#06#1
  • Samsung Galaxy Secret code to check Battery Information : *#0228# or *#8999*228#
  • Secret code to Check Storage in Samsung Phones : *#8999*636#
  • For SIM Card Information*#8999*778#
  • Secret code to Check Display in Samsung Galaxy Phone : *#0523# – *#8999*523# 
  • Hidden Samsung Galaxy mobile Vibration Test code : *#9998*842# – *#8999*842#
  • Speaker Checker code in Samsung Smartphone : *#9998*289# – *#8999*289#
  • Code to Check Bluetooth Connectivity : #*3888#
  • Samsung Galaxy secret code to Restart Phone#*2562#
  • LCD Brightness and Colors Code : #8999*523# 
  • Samsung Secret code to Check Device Hanging : #*3837*#

Samsung Device did not have a special secret like other devices has. For example, consider Sony Xperia smartphones.  Like I said earlier Each and every smartphone has a secret code with which you can test the device performance and functionality of the software components and few hardware components. In the case of Sony Xperia devices, All Xperia devices have a common and single secret code to check all functions, software components performance, and few hardware components performance. But you  won’t find similar in the case of Samsung smartphones.


Must Check {*Hot*} Secret Code for Sony Xperia all Series Phones


The above mentioned Samsung Galaxy Secret codes may work in few Samsung galaxy devices and may not work. It varies from device to device. As per experience, all these codes are working perfectly in the majority of Samsung Smartphones. In just case, if you find any of the above-mentioned code not working, then kindly comment below and do let us know. We will do a bit research and try to correct them As soon As possible.

Well, i am pretty sure that All the above-mentioned codes should work in every smartphone. In just case, any of the code not worked, it may be that your device did not support to know the information. There is no rule saying that above mentioned every code should work on every Samsung smartphone. Some may work some may not. Try a couple of times, it’s a best practice of checking a device performance. Hope all the Above mentioned work greatly with your Samsung smartphone.

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