Startup India Portal is launched – Register your Startup Now!

Startup India Portal is launched – Register your Startup Now:

Startup India Portal is a New online Portal launched by Government of India under the esteemed ministry of Shri Narendra Damodar das modi, the Current Prime Minister of India. As we all know that, in the past month itself, Narendra Modi Ji informed that Government of India ain’t gonna take Tax from the Startups up to three years which is big boost up for startups, and as we all know many startups were coming nowadays with plenty of unique ideas but only a few of them are being implemented. Many creative brains turning towards achieving their dreams and ambitions. This Scheme is overall helpful to all those creative brains of India.

Apparently, to help startups in the initial stages, Government of India came forward and Created a Startup India Portal which is a free online portal to Register Startups with the government. Even the government has created an Android App to serve and help Startups in their early stages. It’s a Big moment by the Indian government.

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As per the Instructions came from the Government, The action plan of Startup India Portal is

Compliance Regime based on Self-certification Startup India Hub – A single point of contact for the entire startup ecosystem Rolling out of a Mobile App & Portal – Starting a Startup in 1 day Fast track mechanism of Startup patent applications Relaxed Norms of Public Procurement for Startups Faster Exit for Startups Rs 10,000 crore Fund of Funds for funding support Credit Guarantee Fund for Startups. Startups will not be charged capital gains tax for venture investments. Startups will be exempt…

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StartUp India Portal Launche

The government of India, On 1st April 2016 had launched Startup India Portal along with an App. Here it is It is the Startup India Portal launched by Government of India.

Get Startup India Portal App for your android device >

The another great forward step taken by the government is that they have created a Forum in order to help to solve the queries of Startups. Well, if you have any issue or query then you can kindly contact to the Government firms through the Forum created by the Government itself.

Here is the Way to Startup Forum > . Check out there were so many queries asked earlier, very quickly!

The Main purpose of Startup India Portal is to deliver Up to date Notifications to the young startups whenever an announcements/circulars issued by Government ministries/departments…

Hope this Portal will help Young Startups grow potentially and exponentially!

If you are planning to establish New Startup then kindly visit the above-mentioned links and Register your Startup Now! All the best Keep going!

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