Tips for choosing best android phones for gaming

Tips for choosing best android phones for gaming

Phones today have evolved significantly in recent years. So much that they are now more than just devices for the sole purpose of communication. Gaming has become one of top application for phones. In fact, so many people today use their phone as a gaming device that this becomes a consideration for them when choosing a new device. For those looking for an Android phone for gaming, these are some helpful tips.

Battery Life

While most phones are designed to run a day on a charged battery, those who are heavy gamers know all too well that they must charge it more often.  While certain Android phones have longer life than others, the real test comes with a lot of gaming. For this reason why not consider a phone that charges wirelessly. The Nokia Lumia is one such device.


RAM is an important factor in determining how fast your phone will run. Just a few short years ago, 1 GB of RAM was the gold standard for a gaming phone. However, this has completely changed with many Android phones coming with 4 GB of RAM and some even having 6 GB. However, any phone with more than 4 GB at this point is simply overkill.  This will allow gamers to switch quickly between playing a game of online video poker and other important applications. The LG5 is an example of an Android phone that offers 4 GB of RAM.

Special Features

In a nod to the prevalence of gaming, some phone designers are now including specific features for gamers. Samsung’s S7 now includes Game Launcher and Game Tools. The Game Launcher keeps all your games in one place for you. Game Tools is even better allowing you to optimizing the settings on your phone during gaming sessions. For instance, Do Not Disturb mode keeps you from receiving those annoying notifications when gaming.

The next time you find yourself in the market for a new mobile phone, consider some of these tips to help you find a model that works well for gaming.

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