Top 5 Future Wearables – Taking technology to a new level

Top 5 Future Wearables – Taking technology to a new level: Nowadays, everything getting smart. From Shopping to dating, everything going in a smart way. All this became possible with the help of Internet only. Here I am going to talk about Smart Wearables, which are going to transform the world in more ways in upcoming days. That’s why I titled this post as Top 5 Future Wearables – Taking technology to a new level. Smart watches, Smart Bands, can give a good look to your hand and perform your works smartly!

Top 5 Future Wearables – Taking technology to a new level

1. Narrative

narrative wearable camera

Narrative Wearable is the most stylish Wearable Smart Camera, which fits everywhere and captures every important moment of your life in great quality. The narrative is a Smart Camera, which looks small in size and looks like a Wearable Badge, but it’s a Wearable Camera.

The narrative Wearable camera has 8 MP Full HD camera to capture and record whatever you ever, where ever you want. 8-megapixel photos, 1080p video at 30 fps, features a built-in GPS and stores up to 4,000 photos or 80 minutes of video by default. In order capture moments manually then with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can operate this with your smartphone itself. You can simply clip it on your shirt or t-shirt in order to capture moments happening in front of us! It’s a smartest Wearable camera available in the market at a great price. Indeed it’s an awesome innovation to store memories instantly.

2. Thync Calm and Energy Wearable

Thync Calm and Energy Wearable

Thync is a first wearable technology that actively changes the way you feel. Being human beings we all face hell lot of stress and strain each day and sometimes we keep thinking about something for a long time. Sometimes even we don’t want to start thinking about it, but we keep thinking automatically. I guess many of you have this problem. I don’t know about others, but specifically, I have this issue. This wearable looks smart and fair enough to change the way how we feel. So I thought to give a try for it. Let me share my experience with this Wearable.

When you are more stress and thinking badly about something then you must place this wearable on your screen, then this device sends some low-level waveforms that safely stimulate nerves on your head and neck to energize and relaxes us. With the impact, we feel rid of stress and strain which we face in our entire day. Thync was developed by a team of neuroscientists from MIT, Harvard & Stanford. After a continuous experiment on thousands of people, this Wearable released into the market and performing well. Hope you get this wearable in order to reduce the stress and strain you sustain each day.


HYKSO boxers wearable

HYKSO Is the best wearable for Sports persons, especially for Boxers. This Wearable measures the power and speed in a punch. Hykso Automatically tracks each punch thrown by a boxer and calculates its speed and recognizes its specific punch type. You can compare follow analytics of your punches. You can compare between two punches, and their intensity, speed. There are so many advanced features added in this Smart Wearable, and this is widely used by Athletes, especially boxers. Average Speed, Striking Intensity, Punch Count, and their comparisons are some of the features which you find in Hykso wearable. It calculates everything in real time and gives instant results. Need not to wait for results, instant results and suggestions are the best features in this Wearable. This device easily gets connected with smartphone and work like a beast.

4. Fitbit

Fitbit wearables

Fitbit is a popular Smart Wearable manufacturer, which manufactured several smart wearables. All kinds of activities are tracked with the help of Fitbit bands. Let me tell you some important features of Fitbit smart wearables. With the help of Fitbit smart band, you can track steps used, distance traveled, calories burned in a day and active workout minutes. Pulse rating, Wrist based heart rate monitoring is another feature which you can notice in Fitbit band. Automatically records workouts you did in a week or month to your dashboard with smart track features. GPS features help you in navigation, and even you can synchronize them with your smartphone for accurate functionality. Start a fit star workout on your wrist and get step by step instructions and graphics to ensure you complete each move correctly

5. Myo Gesture Control Armband

Myo Gesture Control Armband

Gesture Control Armband wearables are the future. It is the smart wearable among all the wearables listed above. This Smart wearable performs based on the gestures we do. It’s really a great thing to create a smart wearable which works based on our gestures. You can ask me How Myo Gesture Control Armband works? Myo Gesture-control armband uses Electrical activity of your muscles and the motion of your arm to let you wirelessly control the technology with hand gestures and motion. You can control over 100+ applications such as games, presentations, music, videos and many others which are clearly listed in Myo Market. Every gesture gets tracked in real-time, and the output generated within a fraction of seconds. As a result, your work goes smoothly than you expect. This Myo Gesture-control armband easily connected with iOS, Android, and Windows devices wirelessly!

These are best and smart future smart wearables taking technology to a new level. We never know a technology Can change the way how to feel. Today Thync is doing that. We never know a technology which can calculate our punch power, Now HYKSO doing that. There are a lot more smart wearable made based on different technologies. We need to find them, use them to reduce efforts in our daily life.

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