Why you should update to the latest iOS 10.1.1 in Apple iPhone?

Why you should update to the latest iOS 10 in Apple iPhone: iOS 10, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. If you are Apple user, and if you are currently running on iOS 9 or iOS 9.x.x then I recommend you to upgrade your iOS to iOS 10. Here I am sharing few reasons Why you should update to the latest iOS 10 in Apple iPhone. The new version looks pretty good, effective than previous versions of iOS.

Why you should update to the latest iOS 10.1.1 in Apple iPhone

Why you should update to the latest iOS 10.1.1 in Apple iPhone

  • iOS 10 got system wise redesign, and the completely new design makes your device look new and impressive. You can feel a new look when you upgrade your old Apple device to new Operating System. This system level device modifications led to great visualizations in the Apple device. But there are still some significant design changes must be done iOS 10. Apple has just focused on the lock screen, the search/notification page reached by swiping from the left of the lock screen, and the Notification Centre. Many other modifications also must be done for a greater look.
  • Earlier you have to Swipe in order to unlock your iPhone. Now that Slide to Unlock feature replaced with Click on Home to Unlock iPhone. The With 3D touch, you can reply to messages, chats and conversations directly from the Notification bar, without opening the Application. This can save time and no efforts needed to open the app and close it.
  • Emoji are now displayed at three times the size of Messages, and when you Emoji’s gets suggested when you type some related keyword,  iOS will scan the text for any word that has an emoji equivalent.  From iOS 10 you can add lots of other visual effects to your messages. You can paint arts, clip arts and many other things directly in the message box.Also Read: 5 Top Online Movie Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Now you can delete few preinstalled whenever you want. Earlier it was difficult to remove few preinstalled apps, but now you can remove unwanted preinstalled Apps from your Apps drawer. It is one of the coolest features in iOS 10, which lets us free some space on our device whenever we need. But Technically only the user data is deleted, while the app remains hidden on your device, taking up a small amount of space.
  • The Apple Music app got some major updates. You can continue listening to music while taking live photos. It is not possible in previous iOS versions. Now it is possible in iOS 10. Visual Redesign in Apple music app let’s you get lyrics of songs in your Music player. Now we can sort songs by list, album, artist, and song by song. Which are also available in the previous version but they are bit developed in iOS 10 for best user experience. Still, users are expecting some good upgrades in Apple Music App, and even I feel yes, It must be done in future updates.

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  • Another major update in iOS 10 is Sirin. Siri is now available to third-party developers, which means you can use Siri in non-Apple apps and apps which are developed by other company developers. This change really opens up the platform and allows a greater number of apps to be controlled by voice.
  • RAW images can now be taken on iOS devices, this feature is not available on any other smartphone, in any other operating system. Raw images can be taken only with iOS 10. This is the best feature made for those who likes to capture high definition and full resolution images from their iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, this feature applicable only for Rear camera, and not possible to capture with front facing camera.

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There are so many other major upgrades are done on Home. Some other interesting upgrades in iOS 10 are Quick Type, iOS Keyboard upgradations, Emoji’s suggestions, Unlocking and many others.

So I recommend you to upgrade your Apple device to iOS 10.1.1 today and enjoy the advanced features and specifications of iOS 10.

Have you already installed iOS 10 on your device? Do let us know your Experience with iOS 10.1.1 in below comments. We are waiting to hear from you!

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