What is My Response is on My Own Website?

Introduction to My Response is on My Own Website:

My Response is on my own Website is an Foot print or a particular path which helps bloggers to build links for their sites. In short, to rank a website in google to first page, backlinks matters a lot. So, in order make backlinks this Footprints helps to find.

What are Backlinks:

An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website is called Backlink. Which helps to Increase Traffic, which can rank your site to Google’s first page, and lots of Benefits comes with Backlinks but the thing is Backlinks should be appropriate and should be in a consistent manner, if you make countless, valueless backlinks for your web page of website then Google will spam your site and your site will be penalised. So be careful while building backlinks for your site.


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In most of the cases Google will penalize sites because of this backlinks, in other words, `spammy backlinks. Many of the bloggers, to rank a site they go for low level sites to build links, which is the main reason why sites gets penalized.

When you build backlinks for your sites, i suggest you to go for Big sites, which are having Authority from google, whose Domain Authority and Page Authority should be good and in some cases consider alexa rank for better backlinks. Once we used to consider Google Page Rank to build links to our site but when Google stopped updating Page ranks, we are going alternatively to determine the quality of a website


Before going to Build a link to your site please consider the following factors. If you find a site with these factors then your site will get Quality links which helps a lot in rankings

  • Check if the site has good DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) using Moz tool – To Get moz tool bar Click Here
  • Check whether the site is Malpracticed by spammers or not. If it is Spammed more, then build less links from that site, Remember if it is authority site then only build links otherwise, keep calm stay away from that site
  • Check Alexa Rank
  • It the site is .edu , .gov then it more helpful

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if the sites having these qualities then go for link building with those sites

A quick note to the users. Earlier this method used to give Do-follow backlinks, now due to some modificatons, these links became no-follow. However , i don’t say these links are worthless, they can do well if you know how to manage them.

Now lets come to the topic My Response is on My own website.

What is My Response is on My own website?

It is a way of building backlinks to the site and it is known as RESPONSES. As i mentioned earlier its a foot print to build links quickly from some sites which are officially allows others to build links on their site.


once Google it – ” My response is on My own Website ”

>  here in this picture you can see qmss – Programming Resources – it’s an .edu site

See the metrics of the site:

  • DA – 93 ; PA- 32
  • Alexa Rank – lessthan 2000 across the globe
  • Google Page Rank – 4
  • Spam Score – 4/17
    it means site was spammed by many spammers, so it’s better to create less backlinks from this site

How to Create Response ?

Well, My Response is on My own website is a foot print to create response, so let’s see how to build response

  1. Go to comments section in http://qmss.columbia.edu/programming-resources/
  2. There you can see My response is on my own website » Click on that (see the below picture)
  3. It will redirect you to the Response page, where you have to fill the required details to build Response backlink to site
  4. Fill the those columns and wait for approval, that’s it. Response backlink ready for your site.

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To be frank this Foot Print was fully spammed by many people from the past few years. If the site is spammed you can’t make more backlinks from that site, so there is an best way to make responses from less spammed sites.

To get less spammed sites in Google, just Modify searches in Google, then you can see different sites which allows users to build links to their sites.

see the below picture to modify searches in google

click on Search tools and then click on Any time there you can select search preferences. There you can see which site recently started allowing users to build backlinks for their sites. Check metrics of site using the tools, and start building links

Tools to Required:

  1. Moz tool Bar
  2. Alexa Rank Extension for Browser
  3. Google Page Rank Extension

Important Update:

By default Reference backlinks are Do-follow backlinks. In a recent update, all Reference backlinks are made no-follow. Hence they are of no value. Voila, don’t take me wrong. Everyone missing a point here! Of course, Do-follow links are worthy than No-Follow backlinks, but it doesn’t mean No-follow links are of zero Value. They do help in SERP. 

Consider a point. It is always good practice of taking a link from Authority site. No matter whether the link type is Do-Follow or No-Follow. If you get Do-Follow link from a Authority site, then  Boost in SERP + you will get link juice, authority and trust from that site . If you get No-Follow link from a Authority site then it will give Boost in SERP. I hope you are clear now!

Let me tell give you a Tip. Many people are in a Blind Myth that No-follow links are waste of value and RESPONSE LINKS ARE SHIT. So many people not focusing on Response backlinks. So its perfect time to get Quality No-follow links. People don’t spam much because of No-Follow myth, if you are looking to make links then make link at those Unspammed places. 

Here is a FootPrint again > MY RESPONSE IS ON MY OWN WEBSITE

Points to Remember:

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If you are buildling links for site then be careful, because worthless

  •  The first thing to remember when you are going to build backlink is “ Quality matters than Quality ” which means 10 quality links are effective than 100 low quality backlinks, so check Metrics in all aspects before building backlinks
  • If your website is Long term site then it’s better not to go with these stuff like Responses because it may spoil your site in many ways. The first Threats are PANDA and PENGUIN updates (These are Google Algorithm to check the quality of websites)
  • If your site is Short term, and if your site Event related, and if you wanna rank your site then this responses helpful
huge backlinks annoys google

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