www.aolmail.com | AOL Mail Login Sign Up – Aol Sign In

www.aolmail.com | AOL Mail Login Sign Up – Aol Sign In AOL Mail is a free email service provided by the enterprise AOL. AOL Mail is also referred as AIM Mail where AIM Stands for AOL Instant Messenger, which is similar to Hangouts in gmail.com. AOL Mail is also functioned as a Free Instant Messaging service. Through AOL Mail, you can send not only emails but also chat with your friends at a free of cost. AOL Mail has best user-friendly features, which makes it stand out as the best free email service. Undoubtedly gmail is the best free service followed by Hotmail, Yahoo, RocketMail and then AOL Mail. AOL mail is also a subsidiary of Yahoo, and AIM (also known as AOL Instant Messenger) is the popularly used Instant Messenger before Facebook. However AOL Mail maintaining decent number of AOL Instant Messenger users.

Undoubtedly www.aolmail.com is one of the finest Free email services of all time. Many people are still using this all because of its special features. No matter what people keep using this. So if you are looking for the right way to sign up for AOL Mail email account, you are at perfect place as you’ll get to learn about the AOL mail sign, AOL mail login and sign in process of the popular email service.

www.aolmail.com | AOL Mail Login Sign Up – Aol Sign In

www.aolmail.com AOL Mail Login Sign Up – Aol Sign In

First of all, Let me reveal the features of AOL Mail, then we can go for www.aolmail.com and do AOL Mail Sign up and AOL Sign in.


  • Unlimited Email Storage Capacity by default in AOL Mail. You need not worry about storage of emails. AOL Mail provides you a decent storage to store your Emails.
  • AOL Mail lets you attach any file of size 25MB to your email. You can’t add big attachments to your email. It’s a sad part, but it’s same for free email services. Even Gmail also has the same limit, and RocketMail also has the same limit.
  • AOL Mail supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP Protocols.
  • The best feature of AOL Mail is you can merge Email accounts with other service providers. Yes, of course, you can add your Gmail Account, Hotmail Account, Yahoo Account and RocketMail account to AOL Mail.
  • Spam Protection and Virus Protection are additional features of AOL Mail.
  • As I said above, like Gmail, AOL Mail also has a Chat feature with AIM aka AOL Instant Messenger. From AOL Mail dashboard you can access AOL Instant Messenger as well. AIM Panel with a full buddy list, and indicators to show the presence of online buddies. You can chat with them, talk with them!

I guess now you are pretty impressed with the features of AOL Mail. I think you are looking for AOL Sign Up or create AOL Mail. Well, without doing any late, let’s get started.

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AOL Sign Up / Create AOL Account

Follow the below given simple steps to create an AOL account. It is very simple to do AOL Sign up.

  1. First of all visit https://i.aol.com/reg/signup
  2. The page will look like this
    AOL Sign Up Form
  3. In order to do AOL Sign Up, you have to fill the above form. Give your first name, last name, and then your desired Username, which is considered as your Email Address. Then enter your desired password. Remember you have to enter your password in two boxes. Later on give your Date of Birth, and then your Gender and Zip Code.
  4. In AOL Sign Up Form, every box is Mandatory. So you have to give every tiny detail which they ask on the Sign up page. Don’t worry they will not ask your personal information, and they just need your basic information to create AOL Mail.
  5. Here second part of AOL Sign Up.
    Create AOL Account
  6. In the first image, you are giving your basic information. However, in the second image, it’s for the security of your AOL Mail Account. In case if you forgot Aol password, if you want to recover aol mail account, then this information helps. So give this information as well.
    > I recommend you to add a Security question. It helps greatly to protect your aol account.
  7. Give Mobile number for security purposes, and coming to Alternative Email, you can skip it.
  8. And Finally Captcha to prove you are a human who is filling the form. It’s for the security of AOL!
  9. After entering all the details correctly, click on Submit. In less than 2 minutes, your AOL Mail Account gets created.

Thus, in this way, you can do AOL Sign Up. In order to serve you greatly, I have explained each and every block in detail. If you are already aware of it, then you can ignore. Now let’s go to AOL Sign in. Many people are looking to know how to do AOL Login. So for all of them, I have written this Aol Sign In guide. Hope it helps.

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Aol Sign In / Aol Login

It’s very simple to do AOL Sign in. Follow the below given simple steps to access your AOL Mail

  1. First of all, visit  http://i.aol.com or http://mail.aol.com
  2. It will look like this!
    AOL Mail Sign in
  3. Here enter your AOL Username. If you don’t know your AOL Username, then you can enter your email address which you have chosen during AOL Sign up.
  4. Simply enter your AOL Email Address or AOL Username, then enter Password.
  5. After successful entry of AOL Username / AOL Email Address and password, you can log in to AOL.

It’s a pretty easy task to do. In my life, I have helped many people to create AOL mail and taught so many people on how to Aol Sign in. Hope it helps.

If you face any problem during AOL sign in or Sign up, feel free to comment below. We are happy to help you.

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    • Hey Linda! Follow the steps mentioned below

      1. Do AOL login
      2. On the login page you can see MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS (Look in Service Options Menu)
      3. When you click on it, it will show a Drop down menu. There you can see Cancel button at right bottom
      4. Simply click on Cancel Subscription, it will ask for a reason. Give a reason for why you want to delete your AOL account.
      5. you are done!

      Let me know if you need any further help!

      Keep visiting :)

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