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www.rocketmail.com | RocketMail Login | RocketMail Sign Up: RocketMail previously a well known Free email Service currently acquired by Yahoo! Earlier RocketMail is a product of Four11 Corporation, while days are passing they had to sell themselves to their biggest rival Yahoo!. During 1980’s and 1990’s there was a tuff competition between free email services. During that period Google Yet to come into the market. Meanwhile, RocketMail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail were the market leaders. There was tough competition between these free email service providers. Later on, while days are passing on RocketMail unable to sustain the competition and sold themselves to Yahoo! As per the reports In the year 1992, Yahoo acquired RocketMail for $92 Million. With this acquisition, Yahoo became more powerful. Apparently in the same year Google born!

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RocketMail once a leading Free Email Service used by millions of people all over the world. After the Acquisition users have the choice to choose Yahoo as their sub-domain in their email address. Since there is no assurance of the existence of Rocketmail in future. RocketMail offered free email accounts in the 1990s, but it was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997.

For over a decade, Yahoo! Allowed previous RocketMail account holders to continue using their existing accounts, but users were not permitted to create new RocketMail accounts. In July 2008, Yahoo! Changed its policy and allowed new users to create email accounts under the “rocketmail.com” domain. In April 2013, Yahoo! Again changed its policy and stopped allowing users to create new “rocketmail.com” email accounts.

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RocketMail Login / Sign in:

If you are a rocketmail user a decade ago. If you still want to use rocketmail and if you are stuck at RocketMail Login or Rocketmail Sign In, then let me help you. Here I will be giving step by step process for Rocketmail login and rocketmail sign in. Do follow them and implement them in order to do Rocketmail Login. Here are the simple steps which make your task easier.

rocketmail login sign in

  • First of all, visit www.rocketmail.co
  • On the homepage itself, you will see simple options to login. If you are aware of those login steps then kindly continue. If you don’t know how to do RocketMail Login, keep reading
  • For Rocketmail Sign in, you need to enter your Username and Password
  • Rocketmail Username ends with @rocketmail.co
  • Then enter your password.
  • After successful entry of Username and Password, you can sign in to Rocketmail.

I am sure only a few people are aware of rocketmail, and only a few people are using rocketmail. This generates people are quite busy in using Gmail and Yahoo. In my opinion, Gmail is the top and leading Free email service followed by Yahoo and Outlook.

Which Free email service you are using at present? Do let us know in below comments section.

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How To Create RocketMail Account:

In order to create a RocketMail Account kindly follow the below-mentioned steps. It’s a pretty easy job.

  1. First of all, visit http://www.rocketmail.com or http://www.rocketmail.co
  2. Remember, if you visit rocketmail.com, then it will re-direct you to http://yahoo.com since it is now owned by Yahoo. If you want to do Rocketmail Login, then you have to visit Rocketmail.co
  3. Well if you want to create Rocketmail Account, if you want to do RocketMail Sign Up then you must visit yahoo.com. There is no other to way to create Rocketmail account other than creating an account in Yahoo.
  4. Yes, to create an account in RocketMail, you have to create Yahoo Account.

Create Rocketmail account | rocketmail.co

I have explained how to create Yahoo account in a special article. Must check that in order to create Yahoo account / create rocketmail account.

The sad part is now you can’t create rocketmail account. But still, if you had rocketmail account created decades ago and if you want to use that now, you can do Rocketmail Login / Sign in.

Forgot RocketMail Password | Recover Rocketmail

In case if you forgot your RocketMail Password, in case if you are looking to recover your rocketmail account, then here are simple ways to recover rocketmail password, and recover rocketmail account.

The fact is, in case if you forgot your rocketmail password then it is quite difficult to recover Rocketmail Password. To be frank to say its impossible to recover rocketmail password. After Yahoo acquisition, rocketmail developers removed Rocketmail Sign up, and Rocketmail Forgot Password features from rocketmail.co. So now if you want to recover rocketmail password, it’s a kind of difficult task, and impossible. But there is a way which you can try. But it all depends on luck. If you have any important data in your Rocketmail account, if you desperately want to recover your rocketmail account password, then you can contact them.

In order to recover Rocketmail Sign in password, visit rocketmail.co then click on contact us button shown on the homepage. You are done. If you are lucky, then they will reply to your mail and may they help you. Give a try, if you badly want Rocketmail Password

Combine Rocketmail and Yahoo:

  • Visit yahoo.com
  • Create Yahoo Account. If you already have Yahoo! Account then login to your Yahoo account, if you don’t have Yahoo account, then create Yahoo Account by clicking Yahoo Sign up
  • After Yahoo login, Click “Options” in the upper-left menu; then click “Mail Options.” Click “Accounts” in the left panel; then click “Add Account” in the main panel.
  • Enter a name for your Rocketmail account in the “Account Name” field.
  • Now you have to enter your Rocketmail Account information such as your Rocketmail Username and Password.
  • Now click on Save Changes.
  • Access your Rocketmail account and check your inbox for a new email message from Yahoo! Mail customer support.
  • Finally open email, and click on the verification link provided in your Rocketmail  Account. you are done.

In this way, you can use Rocketmail and Yahoo mail directly in your Yahoo! Account.

Rocketmail is something, which brought a drastic change in people. Many people started using Rocketmail madly in those days. Now Rocketmail did not have that much craze but still it is maintaining a decent number of users. It shows the craze of Rocketmail even these days. If you are still a rocketmail user. We are proud of you.

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  • My rocketmail account thinks all bt email addresses are spam and won't let me send emails or email replies to them.
    I have failed to get through to Yahoo.
    Can you help please?

    • Hello, Peter! sorry to hear. Apparently most of the services closed by Rocketmail. In order to reply to your emails, first of all, create Yahoo account. Merge them! So in this way you can reply to all emails.

      It worked in case of me! Hope works for you as well. Let me know if you need any further assistance

  • i cant remember my rocketmail account username or password so how to get in to my old account?

  • Thank you for your informative article, I have been doing research on this subject, and for three days I keep entering sites that are supposed to have what I am searching for! Shun Lee Media Pte Ltd

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