How to Create a Autoliker Website to earn $$$$

Hey Bloggers, today i’m here with my personal experience on Autoliker Website. After Reading this I’m not sure Whether you will start working on this or not But you will get Clear Clarification About Autoliker Website.

Now a Days Many bloggers are Blogging for money, of course every blogger think about $$ but some people choose blogging only for Making Money. For such kind of bloggers, Autoliker Website is an Good Source of Making Money when you have regular users.

[ Tip : To get Regular Users Maintain Trust, Honest Relation with Users, if you can provide only 200 likes mention 200 only if you show 1000 likes and give 50 likes, then they won't trust your site and Remember, Autoliker website is like a Business Website and " Trust is the foundation of any Business" ]

Requirements for Autoliker Website :

For any website we need a Domain and Hosting, in the same way for Autoliker website we need Domain, Hosting and Script. Here raises a question ? what is Script ? Where we can get this ? My answer is ” An Coded Template Designed by the Experts” Yes, script contains program files of Autoliker Website which enables you to Create a Autoliker Website on Single Upload.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Autoliker Script

You can find Various Scripts in Google or If you want tell us in the COMMENTS i will forward you

How to Create ?

When you have desired Script, then it is easy. It is so simple than a Normal Website.

Login to cPanel of your Hosting, in the File manager Section, upload your Script directly to your #Public_Html folder. When the upload is done once check your website by using your domain as URL. If you have Perfect Script then Your Autoliker website is 90% ready. The last thing you have to do is to change the Database configuration in the Script. To do this, Go to > file manager > select Config.php file there you can see what to Modify, what to insert. when the database files are modified to then you can customize your website according to your requirements for ex: Name, design,widgets etc..

I think you feel interested to Create a Autoliker website. That’s cool but still more things you need to know..

Lets have a Quick look on Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages :

  • Huge $$$$
  • Less Investment
  • Less Efforts
  • Easy to Grab Audience ( personal Opinion )

Disadvantages :

  • No guarantee to the site
  • Can’t be used as Long term Site
  • Lots of Security Issues
  • More over depends on Facebook. Now a days Facebook getting lots of updates and becoming More secure Social Networking in the world. So No guarantee whether the site can perform best in future.

Note : ( Saying with experience )

If you have good knowledge in Coding and Programming languages then go for Autoliker website ( let me be frank DO RISK FOR earnings). If you are not good in Programming then don’t invest Money or Time in Autoliker Website. It won’t give you earnings it just gives experience 😛

If you are suppose to have Experience in Autoliker Website, there is a FREE way to create Autoliker Website. Still you can make Money from it. visit Hostinger. Here you can get Free hosting with 2000MB Space, 100GB Traffic PHP and MySQL, and built in with site builder. In the above way you can create Autoliker Website by Taking free Hosting from Hostinger  and can try your LUCK.

Earnings : ( ???? )

Lots of ways to Earn with Autoliker Websites, by shortening URLs, Google Adsense, Infolinks, Affiliate marketing and many more. Do your best in Making a Good Autoliker Website, Earnings will come Automatically.


If you found any mistake or if you have any suggestion please let us know in below comments.

Even if you need any help, feel free to contact me any time 🙂

Share this if you like to help me 😉

Riyazmoin Shaik :Googler | Blogger | Programmer | Web Developer | SEO Analyst | Content Writer

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  • Wow. This indeed is a good way to earn.
    You could do a campaign of many autolikers at once and earn as much as you can by getting a job!
    Thanks for sharing!

        • brother i do have some autoliker scripts but not sure whether they work or screw you up! better hire a developer or buy from a legit person :)

  • Sir I Need Help I Want To Remove IP System From Script So It Can Give Likes From All Browsers At A Time. Will You Help Me..?


    • your welcome! and sorry i don't have latest script! Old scripts are not working at the moment!

      keep visiting

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