5 Top Online Movie Apps for Android, iOS and Windows

5 Top Online Movie Apps for Android, iOS and Windows: Watching Movies is the best way to kill boring. No matter how much we stressed in our daily duties, movies can give better relaxation. Movies can change the mood of any people. I guess you are also a big movie lover like me. Indeed, movies are everything to us! Let’s go to the topic. Earlier we have seen How to Watch Movies Online without downloading on desktops, personal computers, laptops. Now I am going to talk about Online Movie Apps for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones. Here I will be sharing 5 top online movie android applications, in which you can watch any film for free by just downloading the application.

Apps or Applications made so many things simple. With the help of Direct Application, one need not to wait hours to download the film, store it in a device and watch whenever we want. Now Apps completely changed the way how we use things earlier. With the help of Android applications, we can directly watch movies without downloading. So I thought to share some best apps to watch movies online with my readers.

Free Movie Apps

There are Free Movies Apps and Paid Movies apps to watch movies on a smartphone. In my opinion, few people afford Premium Movies apps, but the majority of people can’t afford them. Hence I will be going with Free Movie apps for the majority. If you need Paid Online Movie Apps, feel free to comment below.

Top 5 Online Movie Apps to watch HD movies online without downloading.

1. Showbox

Showbox is one of the most popular and highly recommend free movie application to watch thousands of movies online without downloading them. Showbox lets you access thousands of movies, popular TV shows for free. You need not to pay anything to watch movies from Showbox. Showbox has a lot of user-friendly features, which made it as the best Movie app forever! I will highly recommend you to use this app to watch best English movies online without downloading them.

There are few drawbacks in this app as well. This Application doesn’t have other language movies, and it’s a major drawback of this application. Even Though you can watch all new and old English movies online. If you are a mad of English movies then simply go with Showbox app to watch movies else go with the rest of the four best apps which are mentioned below.

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2. Hubi

Hubi is one of the best smartphone application to watch movies online on a smartphone without downloading. If you are willing to watch different genre movies online, then you can blindly go with this app. This app not only lets you watch movies but also lets you access videos across the world wide web, and you can download them too at a greater speed. So I believe it is one of the best movie apps. Try it! You may fall in love with this App too.

3. Big Star Movies

Apparently, Big Star Movies application is a free movie app, in which you watch a broad range of films in a quicker manner. It is a simple and fast application to access. Even if you are in a slow internet connection, if you want an Ad Free movie application, then it is recommended to go with Big Star Movies. Let me tell you one more thing. More than a million people installed this App! It isn’t a small number. So if you are interested, you can try this too. I bet, this app won’t disappoint you. If anyone had issues with this app, then do let us know in below comments section.

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4. Terrarium

Terrarium is one of the best apps to watch High Definition movies, HD TV-Shows. There are plenty of apps to watch several movies online, but there are only a few best apps in which we can watch HD movies and HD Tv shows. If you are a person like me who prefers to watch High-quality movies than watching any random quality movie, then go with Terrarium. This app is quite popular and has great craze as Showbox.

5. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD App also provides High Definition movies to stream over your smartphone without a need of downloading. You can simply download it and start watching HD movies. Unfortunately, movies take a lot of time to buffer in case if you have slow internet connection. Read more about this at the end of this post. If you are looking to watch movies online using a smartphone, then I recommend you to go with any of the above-shown apps.

There are plenty of Apps available in Google Play Store, Apple and Windows app stores. Among all the available apps, I believe these are the best. Even on the slow internet connection, you can watch movies without any interruption, except that Playbox HD. It needs a better internet connection to run smoothly, other than that all good with all the above-mentioned applications.

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