5 Effective ways to Make huge Earnings from Swagbucks

Hi Viewers, today I’m here with a technique, which helps to make quick earnings in a by Using Swagbucks in Proper manner. Follow these techniques, you will see good results in less time.

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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a Free Online Money making tool used by more than Billion people from all over the world. Yeah, it is one of the Best Online Money Making Platform in the world.

Think once: Swagbucks Used by Billions around the world so it Works well and good if you work Effeciently on it

There were various ways to Earn in Swagbucks, Please keep on Reading to know more about Swagbucks. You feel amazed if you know how exactly Swagbucks Pays.

Remember: Earnings in Swagbucks are measured in SB and 700 SB equals to $5

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1. Web Search:

Yep!! For doing web related searches in Swagbucks search engine you have chances to get   ( i.e., a search box in the homepage ). It won’t pay for every search, but it will pay more for sure if you use this tool regularly.

[ Tip: Try to search for Trending Keywords and Famous Websites. For Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. In fact, i got 20 SB for searching Facebook in the search box and 9 SB for searching Twitter ]

Nothing Guaranteed for the above tip I just shared my experience, but You will get SB for more searches in future.

2. Daily Poll:

Ah, well For Daily Poll you will get only 1 SB, quite makes senseless, but still 1 SB is more valuable in critical stages, don’t neglect this. By the way there is a chance, that we can create a challenging question for Daily Poll and if it gets selected by the Admin you will Awarded SB accordingly.

Try to do every day, If you answer Daily polls for a Year then additionally you can get 2 FreeCharge Gift-Voucher each worth Rs. 100/-

3. Answer ( Surveys ):

All the Above are just for Basic earnings. Answering Surveys is the Major task you need to do for Good Earnings. Everyday you will get one Survey to do, which gives 60 SB so within 12 days you will get $5.

Not only Daily Surveys, there were so many Gold Surveys, Partner Surveys, peanut Lab Surveys. These will pay more than 60 SB.

Survey time is around 15-20 mins. If you use these surveys properly, your SB increases to peaks,

4. Daily Goal:

Every day Swagbucks keeps Goals to Motivate, and when you reach the Goals they will pay the Pre-Fixed awards. There were two Daily goals, one is Minimum Goal and the Other is Maximum Goal. If you reach the minimum goal then you will get your awarded SB and they include for your Maximum Goal if you can reach Maximum Goal, then your Minimum Goal reward is Subtracted from the Maximum Goal Reward.

for Ex : Minimum Goal is 40 SB and for this Reward is 4 SB and Maximum Goal is 100 SB and for this Reward is 10 SB. If you reach both Goals i.e., you earned 40 SB and 100 SB ( 40+60) then your Reward amount is 4+10-4 = 10 SB. Means you paid only for Maximum Goal. If you failed in reaching Maximum Goal don’t worry you will be Rewarded for the Minimum Goal.

5. Tasks:

These for experienced people. Based on your performance Swagbucks Ranks your Profile. According to your Profile Rank you can choose your favorite task, it will helps you to make more SB. More SB means more $$$ 😛

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There were so many other ways to make SB, like Special Offers, Giveaway coupons, Trail pay method, and Mostly Inviting Friends.
Let me give a Quick Info about this Invite Friends. If you invite your friend from your referral link then he will get 150 SB and you will get 15 SB that is 10% commission from your friend and this 10 % commission continues for the life time.


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I guess you may have good number of doubts on this, if you really have any do let me know in below comments.

Earn free rewards for thing you do online. Click here to join SwagBucks.com

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