How to clean computer screen or touch screen for neat display 

Hi there! Every body has to do some particular things in their everyday life, we get up in the morning, wash our teeth, we do bath for neatness good looking. In the same way we have to clean our Desktops, Laptops, and Mobiles for neater display and good looking.

I messed up with the dust formed on my system and thumb prints on my mobile display. So Daily i use a method to clean computer screen and mobile touch screen to look pretty

For clean devices neatly, its better to use Microfiber Cloth.

  • Microfiber Cloth is ideal for cleaning a touchscreen. Some devices will have such a cloth included or perhaps you can borrow one you use on your sunglasses. I hope Its available in all places and the cost of such cloth varies. For cloth recommended by companies for their products
  • I use iRoller liquid ( Bought from Amazon ). Simply spray a little on the display you want to clean
  • It is possible to purchase screen cleaning kits. Often these will include anti-static wipes. However, this may be an added expense that isn’t worth the price. do some research first
  • Using Microfiber cloth  gently wipe on the display in circular motion in such way you can cover all the Corners
  • Don’t forget to Turn off your computer screen or touch device. If you turn off the device it easier to see the place where the dust is situated.
  • It is usually much easier to see where to clean when the device is switched off.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the screen when cleaning computer screen or touch screen, extreme pressure might harm your display

[ Tip : Keep the touchscreen cleaning cloth in good, clean condition. Wash regularly to remove buildup of grime from the screen ]

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