mCent Unlimited Earnings Trick

Hey, viewers today I’m back with a new trick which helps you to make Unlimted earnings in mCent. Well, this is Much required Trick for All viewers.

What is mCent ?

Recharge your mobile phone by trying free Android apps and sharing them with your friends. Earn recharge for your phone by trying free Android apps.

Here raises a question, why we are getting paid for installing apps?

My answer is ” Earning by investing Something “. Let me be so clear about this. Actually this method is called Trial Pay method. Many developers do hard work and Design very useful Apps, but when it won’t get a Good Rank in Google Play Store they feel bad and all their efforts were dumped into a Bin.  So to Help developers, this Trial Pay method is Invented. When a App gets installed more number of time in Play Store it will rank a Good Place.

So for that Rank Developers pay for installing apps

Sounds good, but the other question is from where we can install these trial pay apps? My Answer is Anywhere !

Yeah there were so many platforms, where you can install Trial Pay and can Make Good earnings. but the bad luck is we can Redeem those money just for Recharges, we can’t withdraw them to our Banks 🙁

The best Platform for Trial Pay Apps are Some Android Apps like mCent, Ladooo, FreeB, TaskBucks, etc.. and Some Real money Websites like Swagbucks.

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Let’s come to the point.

To get Unlimited earnings from mCent, all you need have

  • Smartphone ( Only Android )
  • A Good Internet Connection ( If Wi-Fi that’s so better )
  • A Computer or Laptop
  • 2 or more SIM cards

First of all install mCent on your Smartphone and install only one app. copy your referral link

This Trick is totally about making earnings from Referrals

We know very well that no one uses our referral links to install apps, so when no one uses let’s use ourselves to make earnings for us 😉

Follow below steps and apply carefully

  1. Download & Install Bluestacks on PC and Sign up using Gmail
  2. Now sign in into your mCent account in the mobile and copy your referral link
  3. Try to use that referral link in your bluestacks  i.e., on PC for this Using Social Networking sites like Facebook or Twitter
  4. Using your own referral link in Bluestacks, install mCent and Sign Up to mCent account with different SIM card you own.
  5. After Sign Up install any app and wait until you receive airtime for installing that app. When you receive airtime earnings for the installed app then you will receive Airtime for Referral

In this way you can earn for your primary number


  1. To use Multiple sim cards for more referrals you have to install only one app because mCent has Advanced Device mapping methods which can recognize device ID whenever you install application which has negative effects
  2. Due to Advanced technology, mCent doesn’t allow you install one app number of times. So install only one app for one referral
  3. Be patient until you receive airtime, because of millions of users using mCent so it takes some time to give airtime


[ Tip  : When you are trying to install some app then it says ” sorry,  something went wrong ” then your device id is mapped in mCent directories. To overcome this you have to Factory Reset your Handset ]

I have tried  this and earned almost Rs. 744 in a just two days

If you found any mistake or if you need any help do let me know in below comments.

Here is my Earnings Proof

Rahul Dubey:
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