How to Invite all friends at once to like Facebook page

Many of us having Facebook Fan pages. Every one expects to have more likes to his fan page but it is not easy to invite all friends to like Facebook fan page. So here i’m sharing one of the trick which i use to invite all friends at time to like my fan page

There were so many other tricks to invite all friends at a time to like fan page in Facebook but majority are outdated, and not working. Here i’m giving the professional and official trick to invite all friends at a time to like fan page in Facebook.

What is Facebook Fan Page ?

A Specific page by a Facebook User to represent a Particular Brand/Business/Non-Profit Organization/Media/News/Public Figure.

A Facebook user can create a Number of Facebook pages according to their interests. Here what matters is, how to get huge likes for fan page ? Its simple, when you maintain a good content on page with regularity then you will get good Following for your fan page. To get likes/followers manually you can ask your friends to like and refer or else you can pay some amount to Facebook to Promote your Page.

Requirements to invite all at a time :

  • Personal Computer
  • Facebook account & Fan page
  • Web browser ( Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ) – I Suggest Google Chrome

Famous Trick : (sometimes doesn’t works)

Famous trick is using scripts. There were some Unofficial Facebook developers, they create Scripts ( Program in Java/HTML ). These Scripts are found in Google. what you have to do is just Copy the script and go to your Facebook Fan page in your PC web browser (if you are using Google Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+J if you are using Mozilla Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+k),then you are on console box simply Paste the script. That’s it. You are Automatically invited all friends at once to Like the Page.

This trick is an old trick, but some Scripts might having loop holes that might effect your Facebook Account in many ways. So its better to avoid this trick.

Trending Trick : ( I use This )

To invite all friends at once to like a Facebook Fan page

  • Open Google Chrome, sign in into your Facebook Fan Page
  • Go to new tab
  • In new tab, Go to settings > extensions  or Click Here
  • At the Bottom of that page you can see Get More Extensions, click on ityou will be redirected to Chrome Web Store 
  • In Chrome Web store, search Facebook Invite all there you will see an extension. Simply install that extention
  • After installation get back to your Facebook Fan Page, follow the below picture

That’s it. In two clicks you can invite all of your friends to like your facebook page, what you all need to know is method.

I suggest you to use Trending Trick

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  • It's our pleasure to provide 100% working tricks . By the way thanks for the Review @Sharfuddin

  • Hey--I was turned on to your article because, in attempting to use the javascript method, I ran into the 500 person cap that FB puts on invites and hoped that your method would avoid it. Unfortunately, I ran into the same issue using the extensions method. Do you have a way to get around the 500 person cap that FB puts on it? I have 1,200 friends I'm trying to invite and it kind of defeats the purpose if only half of my friends get invited.

    Thanks --Alexi

    • Alexi the extension trick works for sure ! try properly. It worked with so many users :) try again, hope this time it works. If not do let me know, i'am ready to help you

  • Hey guys, has anyone noticed the invite friends dont work any more? fb just write this when you try to send out multiple friend requests there= the email address you entered could not be invited...please guys any tricks to bypass this

    • I haven't noticed this one. Let me check it and i will get back to you soon. stay subscribed and i will notify when i get trick to bypass that issue :)

  • BRO this is a great blog, Dont kill the blog..a lot of us follow you for your technology tricks and the words about your blog you asked if we need any kind of support we should feel free to write you. so why you not bothering to check whats happening, from a loyal subscriber like me..

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